13 Jul 2014

Korean Cosmetics Haul...Again!

Hi Guys!

So much for saving l-o-l.... Me and my friend Selina, or also known as a-beautifuladventure (She has a blog btw, I totally recommend that you check it out!)

 Etude House: Color My Brow #Rich Brown
I recently kind of dyed my hair like a month or 2 ago, and my eyebrows are dark. So instead of me tinting them I just got this brow mascara. I've used it 1-2 times already and it's pretty damn good..Totally recommend!!

 Tony Moly: Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist
 Looks Cute, So I got it... Need I say more? and plus I've always wanted to try facial mists! So this is the perfect time!

 Too Cool for School: Milky Orange Tint
If you saw my other Korean Cosmetics Haul, I purchased the pink one and I LOVED it! So I wanted to try the orange one...Haven't tried it just yet but I freaking love these. So hydrating and moisturising. Totally Recommend !!!

Etude House: Sweet Recipe Cupcake All over - Blueberry Cheescake PK001
It's a pinky purple similar to an "orchard" colour but although it is a bit "blueberry" Btw I've tried this product... i think this colour is GREAT on the cheeks and if you do some sort of gradient lip, this would be the perfect match instead of using concealer/foundation/BB cream/CC cream/..  the list could go on for ages! LOL just whatever you use alright!

Hope you enjoyed this post
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  1. OHHH! I want to try the brow mascara! Their brow crayon is pretty legit too!~

    1. The brow mascara is pretty goooooood...Damn! I was so close to getting the brow crayon too!!

  2. Just saw your blog and I love it!
    I'm a new blogger, so I'm just discovering new blogs and I love reading yours!

    I've never tried Korean makeup.. Do you have any suggestions on where i can find some? :) xx

    xx ana from www.anasoup.com

    1. Hi Ana! Thanks for checking out my blog, and I glad you loved it :)

      You can try these websites, I haven't ordered off them just yet! But I've heard a lot of people rave/talk about these websites a lot. As well as the prices are pretty "standard" and the best part is....Free Shipping!! Yayyyy!

      - http://cosmetic-love.com/
      - http://www.ibuybeauti.com/
      - http://w2beauty.com/

      I hope this helped you <3