26 Jan 2016

REVIEW - 💕Brite Organix Semi Permanent Pastel Pink 💕


I'm alive! LOL legit haven't logged onto here since June (...ooops) I'm currently on uni break at the moment, and I'm not working either so I thought why not create a blog post!! YAY!

In the time I was away, I got my hair balayage-d (is that a word?!) anyways, and it was a beautiful smokey grey/silver! but unfortunately that faded out to a blonde :( So I decided, Why not dye my hair pink?! Cos im already blonde, right? Took a trip to my local supermarket and I was gonna get like the usual Manic Panic or the fudge hair dye, cos that's the only ones we have here. But!!! I found this one by Brite Organix and I thought why not try it out!

So let's get onto the semi-review shall we! :)