29 Mar 2014

Monthly Favourites/Everyday Products?

Hey Guys!

It's been a while.. well it feels like it's been a while >< Everything has start to become a bit overwhelming since uni started, and there is just no time at all to paint my nails (boo! i know right)
So I thought i'd share you my "monthly" favourites, well I've actually been loving these products for ages but I dunno if you would consider these monthly, cos damn gurl that's a lot of products to try out in a month!

So yeah yeah yeah let's check it out!

22 Mar 2014

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finishing Matte Lipstick

Hi Guys!!

I have a review for you today! It's the Rimmel Lasting Finishing Matte Lipstick.. if you saw from the title. I wasn't planning at all to buy this.. (ha! what a joke.. when do I ever plan my purchases) Anyways, Me and my friend were wandering around Priceline and we saw that this was a buy 1 get 1 free offer! LIKE HELL YEAH PLEASE!! This lipstick usually retails for $12.95 but I got it for $6.50.. $6.47 (if you want to be accurate). So me and my friend got the same shade for like half the price, what a bargain! 

So let's continue on with the review, shall we?

13 Mar 2014

☆ Korean Cosmetics Haul ☆

Hey Guyssssss ◕‿◕! 

I'm back with another haul! Woooooo.. I seriously was not thinking AT ALL in purchasing these products. But I was walking around and I decided to go in Blush Cosmetics. Sometimes i'm a bit skeptical of Blush Cosmetics because like nearly all there items don't even have price tags like what the heck and i'm a person that likes to know their prices before paying cos you don't know if you're gonna get scammed or not (loljokes...) Weirdly enough, this Blush Cosmetics at Central Park Sydney Shopping Centre had some price tags on there make up counters! Well maybe the other stores do but I dunno... 

I just got a few things but they were pretty "alright" priced well I think they were. In Australia, we don't have an Etude House or Innisfree... all we got is Tony Moly and The Face Shop :'( Sigh! I wish they open up more stores in Sydney!! They also had a promotion where you buy 4 products and get 1 of them for free (obviously the lower priced one for free -_- )

To see a close detail of the products, keep on going! :) 

9 Mar 2014

Navy Bow Nails - NOTD


I painted my nails for like the first time in months LOL well it feels ages.... I seriously can't be bothered with any design or something, and I recently purchased this nail sticker thingies from Daiso! Oh how much do I love Daiso :') It still looks like effort was put in except I just stuck them onto my nails. Oh and btw these stickers are a pain to remove if you've never used these. Once there stuck, they are STUCK! Imagine those days when you use to contact your textbooks for high school and then you wanted to remove the contact and flatten it out more and then it just gets worse the more you remove it.. well its similar to that.

For this design I just painted it with 2 coats of Maybelline's Color show in 350 Blue Freeze, applied topcoat and basecoat! As well as apply these gold seals on my index and ring finger.

Anyways until next time,

2 Mar 2014

✿ Review : All hail the benefit tint things ✿

Hey Guys !!

How are you all doing? :)

As you saw in my previous post with my recent haul, I got some Benefit products! So I thought why not do a review of all 3 Benefit tint products in a blog post! All the tints I own are just little samples.. cos you know one bottle is like $50.. I'm so not ready for that commitment, this way I just get to have a little try of everything instead of having to spend $150 for all 3 omg #expensive. Also I want to help you save some mula and hopefully if you do purchase it your decision will some what be at ease... but hey! if you like all 3, that is not my problem ;) LOL

The 3 products that I own are:

So let's get started y'all!