28 Mar 2016

MOTW: Osulloc Natural Green Essence Sheet Mask

Hai Hai Guys!! 

I have a mini review for you today, it's the Osulloc Natural Green Essence Sheet Mask! So as you guessed it today's Mask of the Week review If you've never heard of Osullocit's a famous tea brand that originated in Jeju, with the largest tea farm. They also have the most delicious and infamous green tea ice cream and their ever so perfect cake rolls! Somebody pls take me to korea and indulge in all the green tea goodness :'(  Anyways, enough talking about the yummy food and let's continue on with the review shall we. 

10 Feb 2016

THESLEEE is now on IG !

Hai Guise!!

I'm back again with a little update.. So I've been wanting to make an instagram for this blog for aaages! So I've finally decided to open one up! It's gonna be some cute posts here and there, especially since I don't always have the time to blog! You'll be able to see future posts, cute little hauls and other cute things! (how many more times can I say cute?!) 

ANYWAYS! If you wanted to follow me, you can check me out @thesleee

Until next time,

26 Jan 2016

REVIEW - 💕Brite Organix Semi Permanent Pastel Pink 💕


I'm alive! LOL legit haven't logged onto here since June (...ooops) I'm currently on uni break at the moment, and I'm not working either so I thought why not create a blog post!! YAY!

In the time I was away, I got my hair balayage-d (is that a word?!) anyways, and it was a beautiful smokey grey/silver! but unfortunately that faded out to a blonde :( So I decided, Why not dye my hair pink?! Cos im already blonde, right? Took a trip to my local supermarket and I was gonna get like the usual Manic Panic or the fudge hair dye, cos that's the only ones we have here. But!!! I found this one by Brite Organix and I thought why not try it out!

So let's get onto the semi-review shall we! :)