About Me

Hi, Welcome and Thanks for visiting my blog! You're pretty special to be able to browse this amazing blog! ;) 

My name is Kirsty, a university student currently studying information technology. I'm Australian-Chinese from Sydney, Australia! (Yay for aussie bloggers!). 

As you may of seen, this blog is about my interests in anything nails, beauty. Occasionally I might have the random fashion post or something I found really cool and was like "I GOTTA BLOG THAT!". But I hope that these posts that I created for you would be somewhat helpful, and that you enjoy reading them as much as much as I enjoy writing them!

Oh! and if you wanted to know a little about my skin.
- Light Skin with yellow undertones
- Normal/Combination Skin, with oily t-zone and the occasional break out

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on any of my blog posts and I'll get back to you right away! ^_^

Also check out my instagram @thesleee

Any emails/business enquiries: thesleeblog@gmail.com

With Love,

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