26 Oct 2014

REVIEW: Models Prefer Day to Night Palette

Hi Guys!

 GUESS WHAT IF FOUND DURING MY USUAL STROLL IN PRICELINE?! ..... A Dupe for the Naked Palette!? WELL I kinda freaked out at first, cos as I was walking by I was like "holy crap. is this the Naked Palette.. wait a minute?! is that $10!? whaaat!" That was basically my reaction LOL. I'm seriously so excited to review this for you guys! So get ready for some reading :D

18 Oct 2014

Cosmetics Haul


holy crap. I am sorry sorry sorry sorry (Super Junior reference anybody? LOLL) for not posting lately.... do you guys even still remember me? :( I had a tonne of assignments to do for uni, and I finally feel like I've "finished" well.. I've still got finals but this post shall do! Sooo I did some shopping this weekend on cosmetics and oh my god. #feelingbroke.

Hehe hopefully I can continue to post more and hope you enjoy this post :)