2 Dec 2014

MOTW: Skinfood Rice Mask

Hi Hi Guys! 

Today's Mask of the Week review is going to be Skinfood Rice Mask! I've heard a lot about Skin food masks especially there black sugar mask! omg, but I really couldn't decide which one I wanted :( and I got this instead! so let's get into this review shall we ^___^

19 Nov 2014

REVIEW: Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain - Rio Rush

Hi Hi Guys!!

Today I'm going to be reviewing the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Rio Rush. I actually heard a lot of things about this stain, but I felt like I didn't need it since I have so so so many lip products.. maybe I should do a lip product collection video.... Anyhoo if you saw my post from before my Cosmetics Haul then you would've seen this little beauty on there!

Let's all rush into this review shall we? ;) see what i did there.

9 Nov 2014

REVIEW: Benefit Lollitint

Herro Guys!

WOOOOOOOOOOO LOLLITINT! YOU'RE FINALLY MINE! <3 <3 I've been dying to get this shade for so so long. If you saw my previous  Cosmetic Haul.... I decided finally caved in and get it! I was actually deciding whether to get this or the Cha Cha tint. But this colour "candy-orchid" is a colour I rarely see in products.. So I thought it was worth to get this, maybe next time I'll get Cha Cha!

Shall we cha cha into the review? ;)

1 Nov 2014

Benefit Sugarglam Fairies Christmas Kit

Hi Guys!

It's a splurge post kind of day. You know benefit releases there christmas kits at Myer... well I really wanted the advent calendar too bad it was like around $150? -_- so instead I decided to get this kit! It's called the Sugarglam Fairies kit.

26 Oct 2014

REVIEW: Models Prefer Day to Night Palette

Hi Guys!

 GUESS WHAT IF FOUND DURING MY USUAL STROLL IN PRICELINE?! ..... A Dupe for the Naked Palette!? WELL I kinda freaked out at first, cos as I was walking by I was like "holy crap. is this the Naked Palette.. wait a minute?! is that $10!? whaaat!" That was basically my reaction LOL. I'm seriously so excited to review this for you guys! So get ready for some reading :D

18 Oct 2014

Cosmetics Haul


holy crap. I am sorry sorry sorry sorry (Super Junior reference anybody? LOLL) for not posting lately.... do you guys even still remember me? :( I had a tonne of assignments to do for uni, and I finally feel like I've "finished" well.. I've still got finals but this post shall do! Sooo I did some shopping this weekend on cosmetics and oh my god. #feelingbroke.

Hehe hopefully I can continue to post more and hope you enjoy this post :)

20 Sep 2014

REVIEW: Savvy Ultra Matte Lip Colour (Rodeo Drive)

Hi Guys!

It's a review also an affordable review! As usual I was browsing Priceline (Basically my second home) and I stumbled across these. The Savvy Ultra Matte Lip Colour, I must admit it's so worth it for it's money! IT'S CRAZY! Everything I ever want in a lip product: matte, affordable and cheap.

5 Sep 2014

MOTW: My Beauty Diary Arbutin Whitening Mask

Hai guys!

It's been a while since i've pampered myself with a mask! and i'm still going through those my beauty diary masks i bought last time from Sasa. Feels like i bought a lifetime supply!! Anyway, today's mask is the My Beauty Diary Arbutin Whitening Mask. I felt like this mask worked well with removing those "fresh" acne scars and helped to even out my complexion.

29 Aug 2014

Review: Too Cool For School Milk Tint

Hi Hi Guys!

Today I'm going to be reviewing the Too Cool for School (man, such a long brand name!) Milk tint :)
If you remember a LONGGGG while back I did a Korean Cosmetic Haul and I purchased this Milk tint. If I remember clearly from reading that post I purchased it because the packaging was super cute! and I don't own any milky tints, only the liquid like ones (which personally comparing to the liquid ones the milk ones are way more hydrating and doesn't accentuate the flakiness of your lips).

We gonna jump jump jump right into the review! :P

22 Aug 2014

My Skincare Products/Routine

Hi Guys!

If you saw my previous tutorial on the Tony Moly Esssence reviewed here ofc! I thought I might as well do a skincare routine... Tbh this is a pretty "eh" skincare routine nothing too fancy I hope! Although I do switch out my cleansers/exfoliators depending how my skin feels on the day. By the way, my skin is normal-combination with just a "dash" of sensitive depending on the product. Oh also, if you can tell I really love Olay Products! But HEY, my mom got me started into Olay... and I must say its great, so affordable and works as it claims!

16 Aug 2014

REVIEW: Tony Moly Intense Care Galactomyces Lite Essence 96.5%

Hi Guys! 

AHHHH holy crap. I AM SO SORRY!! For the lack of posts! I got a bit ahead with uni work... and next thing you know it's week 4 of uni already (time is flying... before you know it, i'll be graduating soon >< ) Anyways to make up for a super super delayed review! I decided to do a review of this product. I bought this around the end of June, so I've been using this product for around a good month and a half since then. 

Let's get onto the review shall we! 

*FYI Everyone's skin is different, so please be aware before using this product. 

27 Jul 2014

Priceline Haul

Hi Guys!

So much for saving right? Well this is just a mini haul so don't you worry! I got this, when they were having 50% off Sally Hansen! SIGH so much regrets that I didn't get that many nail polishes :( but theres always another time right?

22 Jul 2014

NOTD: So Much Effort Geometric Nails

Hi Guys!

you guessed it... a nails of the day post! I got inspired by a few posts on Instagram for this look, and I was then like why not try geometric nails?!

Normally people would use striping tape to create these geometric nails for a nice crisp line.. well for me, I didn't have striping tape. *boooo* Yep, you guessed it! I used regular sticky tape and cut it up into thin strips (effort.. I know)... Cutting the thin strips my eyes starting going cross eyed and blurry from focusing too long but nonetheless I still completed these! Not a whole hand though (are you crazy?!) Just my middle and ring finger :) and the rest of my nails are coated with this beautiful deep burgundy shade by Chi Chi (Femme Fatale).

Keep reading to check out the colours I used!

13 Jul 2014

Korean Cosmetics Haul...Again!

Hi Guys!

So much for saving l-o-l.... Me and my friend Selina, or also known as a-beautifuladventure (She has a blog btw, I totally recommend that you check it out!)

7 Jul 2014

Mask of the Week: My Beauty Diary Coix Seed Mask

Hi Guys!

I'm back in the sheet mask routine! Let's hope >< The mask I'm using today and that I'm also trying for the first time is the My Beauty Diary Coix Seed Mask... You can gets yours at Sasa... which is probably the cheapest I've ever come across to buy these! Except I got a kit from Sasa which I did a review on here !

30 Jun 2014

Haul: Reelin in the sales

Hi Guys!

Ahhh so sorry about not posting for a while.. I have been a bit lazy. I apologise :( I just have no idea what to post and theres so many things I'd like to review but I'm currently testing them out so I can give you guys the most proper review for them!

On to the haul shall we? :D

14 Jun 2014

NOTD: Purple Purple Purple

Hai Hai Hai!!

IT'S ANOTHER BLOG POST!! wEEEeeEEoooooOOo (see how excited I am?) I feel like I haven't done nails in like 5eva and it is holidays for me so why I decided to get a little "creative"... If I say so myself.

It's like a mix of french tip with gradient and a crap load of glitter! It really took my a long time to think of a design. OMFG and that nail polish it was only $2!!! Like it was on the clearance aisle in kmart... but its pretty good! Me and my friend Selina (She also blogs too! Check her out) were like in utter shock and was like "IS THAT REALLY ON SALE!?" Gotta love a good bargain right?

To check out the colours used, you know what to do ;)

11 Jun 2014

Review: Topshop Lipstick in Sartorial

Hi Guys!

I'm SOOOOOOO SORRYYY!! I had exams and an intense uni week for the past 2 weeks, and now I am finally FREEEEE! So I was like why not give this neglected blog some love!

So, I "bought" this Topshop lipstick a while ago and thought I'd do a review on it! The reason I said "bought" is because actually a few months ago? I went to this Topshop Student lates event where if you purchased something, you then use your receipt to get a prize from the prize wheel! So... from that I won a lipstick! Super awesome right?!

cute cute packaging!! <3 <3

Continue reading to check out my review :) 

25 May 2014

Mask of the Week: Tony Moly Floria Whitening Mask Sheet

Hi Guys!

Since recently I've been hoarding all these sheet masks and it's actually getting pretty bad.. so I've decided to start this mini "series" if you might call it, where I try on a different mask every week (well hopefully every week). Hoping that I can quickly go through all the masks I've got!

Recently my skin has looking a bit dull and "lifeless". I don't know if it's the uni stress or the lack of sleep from staying up doing an assignment or watching a drama. hehehe! So I was like... "WHY NOT SLAP ON A MASK?!"

Today's mask I'm using Tony Moly Floria Whitening Sheet Mask. My god. what a mouthful! I actually got this as a gift from my cousin who went to Korea AGESS AGO! LOL probably a year? yeah I'm finally starting to use this mask... oh wells.

17 May 2014

My Beauty Diary Mask Review!

Hi Guys!

I recently bought some stuff off Sasa! I only bought a few things and this was my first time purchasing at Sasa.com. The service and shipping was rather fast it took less than a week to ship all of my stuff. One thing I really wanted to buy was sheet masks, cos you know it's winter in Australia and the skin is starting to lose all its moisture from the harsh winter weather.

check it out to see my mini review on these masks!

10 May 2014

Nail Polish Haul

Hi Guys!


I bought some nail polishes at Priceline! There pretty mini LOL but dude for like a dollar each... nothing can go wrong. AND I WAS RIGHT! I did some test swatches on my nails, dude there pretty pigmented such amazing quality and everything! I was worried that the Models Prefer would be kinda "gloopy" but THEY ARENT! *HALLEJULAHHHH* *ANGELIC MUSIC*

Seriously. So damn Amazing. By the way, I found these in the clearance so like if you find the same ones... GET THEM! All this for $6. I can't. Too cheap.

omfg *rant* the person that was working there got pissed cos there were only two people working at the store and all the workers were surrounded by the Pharmacy section of Priceline. So there was no one at the actual registers like to serve people! So I go over to her and I was like "Hi I was wondering if I can pay now?" and she full gave me the "SORRY! I can't right now. I'm helping someone! Can't you see?!" My god. Seriously the rudest worker ever. When I finally went to pay, she was like "aw cute colour".. "So that's $1".. Looks through the next couple of ones "Oh these too.. $1..." Like you could totally tell she was judging and stuff. I can't even. Suh Rude.

2 May 2014

NOTD: Lilac with spots

Hello Hello Guys!

ha. what an original title right? But my nails are really what they say. LOL Lilac nails with spots. It reminds me of taro milk tea with pearls. Don't it? I don't even like taro milk tea...

I recently bought that top coat (so the "pearls" of the nails) from Priceline. The brand is called Essence, and for those unfamiliar the brand is SUPER DUPER cheap! I think I got that top coat/topper for $3 something? I don't know about you guys, but in Australia that is super cheap for a nail polish at regular price! (which is kinda sad actually...)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and to see the colours used, keep on reading :)

26 Apr 2014

Review-Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Hello Hello Guys!!

It's a review *yay* on the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I heard that this is actually a dupe to Bioderma but I have actually never tried cleansing waters besides from the Garnier one. So I'm not sure how it compares with Bioderma. Although having said that this cleansing water removes make up, cleanses, soothes and no rinsing needed!

So let's get into the review shall we? :)

19 Apr 2014

NOTD: Houndstooth Nails

Hiiii Guys! :)

Welcome again... As you can see from the blog post title I attempted to do a Houndstooth nail design thing. Originally I saw this posted from Yuri's Instagram from SNSD.. and I felt pretty "inspired" to do this design. Usually I wouldn't even spend this much time to do my nails, but since i'm on mid semester break at the moment for uni... *yaaaay* it's pretty damn sweeeeeet. lol but so not excited for when uni comes back. Anyways, this nail design is just thumb, middle and ring finger with a "modern" french tip design and the index and pinky has the houndstooth design. Originally I had no idea this design/pattern was called houndstooth and just called it the "david jones" symbol LOL bleh, i'm rambling! 

To see the colours used keep on reading!

11 Apr 2014

Review: Etude House Colour Pop Shine Tint

Hello Hello!
If you may of seen in previous posts, I did a haul on the Etude House Colour Pop Shine Tint! WOOOO and must I say after 2-3 uses, I absolutely love this tint. I heard that Etude House makes the best tints. Damn they were right, so so good!! Sigh Sigh I wished I got more tints.. OR that there was an Etude House in Australia.. or even better I wish Etude House sponsored me. What a dream #heaven


4 Apr 2014

Cute Pastel Nails

Hi Guys!

This week I've got these cute pastel nails going on for you! I know its very "plain" but i just love the finish and the colour. ITS TO DIE FOR! and also that super adorbs ascent nail. The glitter nail polish is from Chi Chi and it reminded me a lot of Deborah Lippman nail polishes except it's way cheaper! I remember getting it during the boxing day sales with like 8 nail polishes for $20 at Myer! Quite a bargain :)

Although to get the glitters to be that opaque, I had to really pack it onto my nail! It also took forever to dry... I'm currently writing this post as it's drying and it's been almost an hour! *booo*

To see the nail polishes used, keep on reading

29 Mar 2014

Monthly Favourites/Everyday Products?

Hey Guys!

It's been a while.. well it feels like it's been a while >< Everything has start to become a bit overwhelming since uni started, and there is just no time at all to paint my nails (boo! i know right)
So I thought i'd share you my "monthly" favourites, well I've actually been loving these products for ages but I dunno if you would consider these monthly, cos damn gurl that's a lot of products to try out in a month!

So yeah yeah yeah let's check it out!

22 Mar 2014

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finishing Matte Lipstick

Hi Guys!!

I have a review for you today! It's the Rimmel Lasting Finishing Matte Lipstick.. if you saw from the title. I wasn't planning at all to buy this.. (ha! what a joke.. when do I ever plan my purchases) Anyways, Me and my friend were wandering around Priceline and we saw that this was a buy 1 get 1 free offer! LIKE HELL YEAH PLEASE!! This lipstick usually retails for $12.95 but I got it for $6.50.. $6.47 (if you want to be accurate). So me and my friend got the same shade for like half the price, what a bargain! 

So let's continue on with the review, shall we?

13 Mar 2014

☆ Korean Cosmetics Haul ☆

Hey Guyssssss ◕‿◕! 

I'm back with another haul! Woooooo.. I seriously was not thinking AT ALL in purchasing these products. But I was walking around and I decided to go in Blush Cosmetics. Sometimes i'm a bit skeptical of Blush Cosmetics because like nearly all there items don't even have price tags like what the heck and i'm a person that likes to know their prices before paying cos you don't know if you're gonna get scammed or not (loljokes...) Weirdly enough, this Blush Cosmetics at Central Park Sydney Shopping Centre had some price tags on there make up counters! Well maybe the other stores do but I dunno... 

I just got a few things but they were pretty "alright" priced well I think they were. In Australia, we don't have an Etude House or Innisfree... all we got is Tony Moly and The Face Shop :'( Sigh! I wish they open up more stores in Sydney!! They also had a promotion where you buy 4 products and get 1 of them for free (obviously the lower priced one for free -_- )

To see a close detail of the products, keep on going! :) 

9 Mar 2014

Navy Bow Nails - NOTD


I painted my nails for like the first time in months LOL well it feels ages.... I seriously can't be bothered with any design or something, and I recently purchased this nail sticker thingies from Daiso! Oh how much do I love Daiso :') It still looks like effort was put in except I just stuck them onto my nails. Oh and btw these stickers are a pain to remove if you've never used these. Once there stuck, they are STUCK! Imagine those days when you use to contact your textbooks for high school and then you wanted to remove the contact and flatten it out more and then it just gets worse the more you remove it.. well its similar to that.

For this design I just painted it with 2 coats of Maybelline's Color show in 350 Blue Freeze, applied topcoat and basecoat! As well as apply these gold seals on my index and ring finger.

Anyways until next time,

2 Mar 2014

✿ Review : All hail the benefit tint things ✿

Hey Guys !!

How are you all doing? :)

As you saw in my previous post with my recent haul, I got some Benefit products! So I thought why not do a review of all 3 Benefit tint products in a blog post! All the tints I own are just little samples.. cos you know one bottle is like $50.. I'm so not ready for that commitment, this way I just get to have a little try of everything instead of having to spend $150 for all 3 omg #expensive. Also I want to help you save some mula and hopefully if you do purchase it your decision will some what be at ease... but hey! if you like all 3, that is not my problem ;) LOL

The 3 products that I own are:

So let's get started y'all!

23 Feb 2014

Review : The Faceshop Blackhead Heating Gel Mask

Hey Guys !!

I hope you are all doing well. As you may of seen in my previous haul post, I purchased the Faceshop Volcanic Clay Blackhead Heating Gel Mask. One of the reasons was because I wanted to minimise the appearance of my pores. The pores around my nose are pretty "big"... well in my opinion and I just want it to reduce its size. As I was in the store I had to choose between two choices and I wasn't sure which one. But the sales assistant in the store recommend this one as she said "If you use it twice a week, you'll start to notice a difference in your pores and I recommend it because I use it"... WELL she kinda sold me? 

So let's get started into the review! ^_^

15 Feb 2014

Haulin' - feeling broke as heck

Heeeeelllo my lovely readers!!

No nail tutorial this week! As I recently cut my nails, and they are in SOOOO BAD CONDITION! i know right -.- i'm like slapping a sh** tonne of hand cream on my hands and fingers to make them a little bit better! Of course its working but it's just too bad of a condition to show you a nice nail tutorial :'(

So I did a little shopping.. and everything was just so appealing to me!! ugh i'm feeling so broke.
Gah but then again I haven't shopped in ages... So it's a little good that i'm getting all that beauty therapy.. mmmmm love that stuff!

Hehehe anyways to see what I bought, Check it out :)

9 Feb 2014

Matte Matte Matte Shiny Matte: Nails of the day

Hi Guys! 

It feels like I haven't blogged in ages.. however it was just last week that I posted, doesn't one week does feel forever? So just yesterday I had a wedding party! and my dress was a striped dress kind of thing LOL and I wasn't sure of how I wanted to do my nails. I wanted my nails to look simple but somewhat interesting. So I decided to pair it with matte black nails and a silver glitter ascent nails. 

This silver nail polish. MUST I TELL YOU! IS SOOOOOOO PIGMENTED! THE COLOUR. OMGGG like its so thick but not too thick to the point where all the glitter particles chunk up together! It's such an amazing colour and I wish I got more from this range :( but I remember at the time it was only limited edition... Sigh any regrets? But If I see this Sequin collection again, I AM DEFINITELY GONNA PURCHASE THEM ALLLLLLL! *goodbye money* LOL

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this nails of the day and if you'd like to see the colours used, then you know what to do! ;)

2 Feb 2014

Ice cream nails

Hi Guys! 

As you can see from the title and the picture I did a ice cream nails! This was actually requested by my sister as she wanted them on her nails, so I did them for her. She wanted multiple colours for the "ice cream" and also multiple colours for the "sprinkles" too. LOL she requested them as if she was going to eat it. Anyway it's a very simple nail art to do as it just requires a base colour, painting drips and adding sprinkles on top of the drips!

Here are close up shots of each nail:

If you'd like to see the colours I used, keep reading ^_^

25 Jan 2014

Biore Blemish Clearing Scrub | Review

Hi guys!

Recently, I received a bottle of Biore Blemish Clearing Scrub from a competition! Awesome Right?! I haven't really tried much of Biore's products besides from their infamous pore strips... which works amazing for those irritating blackheads and whiteheads. It's an scrub, which helps to exfoliate all those dead skin particles! *yayyy* So let's continue on the review shall we?

19 Jan 2014

Bow and Hearts

Hi Guyss!

Today it's going to be a tutorial on these bow and heart nails! If you can see some hearts were outlined with black and some wasn't! I found it quite difficult to create such small intricate white hearts and then outlined! it was sooooo difficult. So I left one of them out and it looked alright, without it being outlined. Excuse the mess of the nails by the way.. it was like midnight when I did these!

I also did a little tutorial for you guys, if you wanted to see!

12 Jan 2014

Sparkly - Nails of the Day

Hi Guys!

How are you? :) I hope you are all doing well. This week's nail of the day is a sparkly-glitter-nude-ee concoction. I seriously couldn't be bothered with putting a design... i know! :( boooooo! But nonetheless i found this quite cute and still uses minimal effort, because the glitters are sooooo cool.

As you can see I used the Sally Hansen Triple Shine, If you haven't seen my review on the them, check it out here . I also used an Essie nail polish.. I find Essie nail polishes quite hit or miss as this one was definitely a miss! but the colour was soooo gorgeous. It was very streaky and took around 3-4 coats to apply. Whilst the Sally Hansen. O-M-G. love that nail polish. seriously. THE CHUNKS AND EVERYTHING!! As you can tell from the bottle i've used like a third/half >_> wooops.

To see the colours used, continue reading ^_^

5 Jan 2014

Nature Republic - Collagen Dream Face Mask

Hey Hey Hey Guuuuuys!

It's another blog post. say what! From the title this is gonna be a mini review/impression of me using the Nature Republic Collagen Dream face mask.

 I've heard of the Nature Republic brand before, and I own about 2 things from this brand a BB cream and this mask which has been used! I wasn't expecting much from this mask as there just masks right? Although I was definitely eager for moisture in my skin, as recently it has been on the dryer side :( But my gosh this mask did the trick for hydration/moisture, my skin has been dry around my nose and the sides of my temples.. weird right?

For those wondering where to buy this! I actually got this as a gift from my cousin who pampered me with a crapful  tonne of Korean beauty products! ahhhh <3 But i'm pretty sure you can buy these online for sure.

Lets get into the review, shall we? :D

4 Jan 2014

Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Review

hi guys! <3

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is finally 2014, and man oh man did 2013 fly by.

So for today's first post of the year.. Sally Hansen recently came out with this new range called the "Triple Shine"

I first saw these when my friend tagged my on Facebook with this video! AND IT LOOKED AMAZING! like i was so shocked!! it looked like leather and I dunno some really cool plastic shiz.

But unfortunately they weren't out yet for sale in Australia when I saw these advertised :( BUT THEN! I went into my local Priceline and saw them. They were displayed on a case like this, it was kinda hard to reach from the back since most of the "nicer" colours were there. 

This Priceline I went to lacked the colours I wanted to try.. As most of the shades were quite similar to what I had in my collection and the glitter nail polishes were quite similar! They were doing a 3 for 2 sale during the time and it retailed at $9.95, which is quite "standard" for Sally Hansen nail polishes. 

Although, In the end I went to Chemist Warehouse and found these babies for around $4.50 EACH!! EACH!! THATS LIKE 2 FOR THE PRICE OF ONE IN PRICELINE? LOL I got quite excited about these when I found out the prices, although the colour options weren't available since they were so cheap already!

Let's get into the review, shall we? :)