29 Dec 2013

Daisy Nails

Hi Guys!

Daisy nails again?! LOL I'm obsessed! I dunno, it looks pretty classy and cute and its the easiest nail art eveeeer to do! trust me.

This time I incorporated a "french manicure" style look, using a pink/ almost clear nail polish and some daisies. It kinda reminds me of Marc Jacobs Daisy fresh perfume... which kinda inspired me to do these, so hope you enjoy! :)

For colours used, please keep reading.

25 Dec 2013

Christmas Snowman Nail Tutorial!

Hi Guys!!!

IT'S CHRISTMAS TODAY! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! To all my lovely readers <3

Since today is extra special ;) I decided to post a tutorial for you guys, compared to my ritual sunday posts! But don't worry, there will still be a post on Sunday coming this week.

As you might've seen from the thumbnail or title, it's going to be a snowman nail tutorial!
(Please be in mind, that I did these nails on my sister.. and her nails were so freaking short! like so small, but don't worry that didn't stop me from taking up a challenge to post these for you)

Let's get started! :)

22 Dec 2013

Pink and Silver | NOTD

Hey Guys!

It's another nail of the day this week! LOL im on a roooooooll....

Anyways, this week i decided to go simple with a light baby pink and a sparkly silver accent nail!

Keep reading to see the colours used :)

15 Dec 2013

Lumpy Space Princess inspired nails

Hi Guys!

I've been contemplating whether to make this either a nails of the day or a tutorial! But using this as a tutorial is kinda pointless cos its so easy right! WELL with some practise.. i struggled so much with my left hand :'( I hope you get inspired to create them by looking at this. It's just a few ranges of polka dots and stars and i also used a sharpie for the black! instead of nail polish, cos its easier to control the flow of the sharpie compared to nail polish.

To see what colours i used keep reading :)

7 Dec 2013

Review: Sally Hansen Sugar Coat

Hi Guys! 
I recently went out on a Priceline trip a while ago and for those that didn't know they had like 40% OFF ALL COSMETICS! i know right!!!! (contains excitement) So as I was looking around and i found that Sally Hansen released a new nail polish range called the "Sugar Coat". It is apparently suppose to be reminded like those gummies with the tiny sugars on it. Anyways todays review is going to be the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Bubble Plum. 

So let's get into this review, shall we? 

1 Dec 2013

Vintage Rose Mani

Hi Guys!

Today i'm back with a step by step tutorial on how to create these lovely vintage rose nails! It's quite easy to do and you only need a few tools and colours.

Tools used:
- Toothpick/Pen/Pencil: to create the "petals" of the roses

Nail polishes used:
- Clear Base Coat: Dear Face Mix and Match: Top Coat
- Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Mint Sorbet
- Butter London: Trout Pout
- Butter London: Macbeth
- Butter London: Slapper

let's begin! :)

24 Nov 2013

First post | Nails of the Day

Hi Guys!

This is the very beginning of this nail blog, i was quite unsure of what to post as my first post, but i finally figured it out. It's going to be one of the first nails of the day! (well for the week, lol cos who actually has enough time to do their nails everyday? and you don't even get to appreciate the nails)

This week i have done a simple nail design as i wanted something simple that wouldn't take to long to do. 

Matte Black & Daisies