30 Jun 2014

Haul: Reelin in the sales

Hi Guys!

Ahhh so sorry about not posting for a while.. I have been a bit lazy. I apologise :( I just have no idea what to post and theres so many things I'd like to review but I'm currently testing them out so I can give you guys the most proper review for them!

On to the haul shall we? :D

14 Jun 2014

NOTD: Purple Purple Purple

Hai Hai Hai!!

IT'S ANOTHER BLOG POST!! wEEEeeEEoooooOOo (see how excited I am?) I feel like I haven't done nails in like 5eva and it is holidays for me so why I decided to get a little "creative"... If I say so myself.

It's like a mix of french tip with gradient and a crap load of glitter! It really took my a long time to think of a design. OMFG and that nail polish it was only $2!!! Like it was on the clearance aisle in kmart... but its pretty good! Me and my friend Selina (She also blogs too! Check her out) were like in utter shock and was like "IS THAT REALLY ON SALE!?" Gotta love a good bargain right?

To check out the colours used, you know what to do ;)

11 Jun 2014

Review: Topshop Lipstick in Sartorial

Hi Guys!

I'm SOOOOOOO SORRYYY!! I had exams and an intense uni week for the past 2 weeks, and now I am finally FREEEEE! So I was like why not give this neglected blog some love!

So, I "bought" this Topshop lipstick a while ago and thought I'd do a review on it! The reason I said "bought" is because actually a few months ago? I went to this Topshop Student lates event where if you purchased something, you then use your receipt to get a prize from the prize wheel! So... from that I won a lipstick! Super awesome right?!

cute cute packaging!! <3 <3

Continue reading to check out my review :)