23 Feb 2014

Review : The Faceshop Blackhead Heating Gel Mask

Hey Guys !!

I hope you are all doing well. As you may of seen in my previous haul post, I purchased the Faceshop Volcanic Clay Blackhead Heating Gel Mask. One of the reasons was because I wanted to minimise the appearance of my pores. The pores around my nose are pretty "big"... well in my opinion and I just want it to reduce its size. As I was in the store I had to choose between two choices and I wasn't sure which one. But the sales assistant in the store recommend this one as she said "If you use it twice a week, you'll start to notice a difference in your pores and I recommend it because I use it"... WELL she kinda sold me? 

So let's get started into the review! ^_^

15 Feb 2014

Haulin' - feeling broke as heck

Heeeeelllo my lovely readers!!

No nail tutorial this week! As I recently cut my nails, and they are in SOOOO BAD CONDITION! i know right -.- i'm like slapping a sh** tonne of hand cream on my hands and fingers to make them a little bit better! Of course its working but it's just too bad of a condition to show you a nice nail tutorial :'(

So I did a little shopping.. and everything was just so appealing to me!! ugh i'm feeling so broke.
Gah but then again I haven't shopped in ages... So it's a little good that i'm getting all that beauty therapy.. mmmmm love that stuff!

Hehehe anyways to see what I bought, Check it out :)

9 Feb 2014

Matte Matte Matte Shiny Matte: Nails of the day

Hi Guys! 

It feels like I haven't blogged in ages.. however it was just last week that I posted, doesn't one week does feel forever? So just yesterday I had a wedding party! and my dress was a striped dress kind of thing LOL and I wasn't sure of how I wanted to do my nails. I wanted my nails to look simple but somewhat interesting. So I decided to pair it with matte black nails and a silver glitter ascent nails. 

This silver nail polish. MUST I TELL YOU! IS SOOOOOOO PIGMENTED! THE COLOUR. OMGGG like its so thick but not too thick to the point where all the glitter particles chunk up together! It's such an amazing colour and I wish I got more from this range :( but I remember at the time it was only limited edition... Sigh any regrets? But If I see this Sequin collection again, I AM DEFINITELY GONNA PURCHASE THEM ALLLLLLL! *goodbye money* LOL

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this nails of the day and if you'd like to see the colours used, then you know what to do! ;)

2 Feb 2014

Ice cream nails

Hi Guys! 

As you can see from the title and the picture I did a ice cream nails! This was actually requested by my sister as she wanted them on her nails, so I did them for her. She wanted multiple colours for the "ice cream" and also multiple colours for the "sprinkles" too. LOL she requested them as if she was going to eat it. Anyway it's a very simple nail art to do as it just requires a base colour, painting drips and adding sprinkles on top of the drips!

Here are close up shots of each nail:

If you'd like to see the colours I used, keep reading ^_^