25 Jan 2014

Biore Blemish Clearing Scrub | Review

Hi guys!

Recently, I received a bottle of Biore Blemish Clearing Scrub from a competition! Awesome Right?! I haven't really tried much of Biore's products besides from their infamous pore strips... which works amazing for those irritating blackheads and whiteheads. It's an scrub, which helps to exfoliate all those dead skin particles! *yayyy* So let's continue on the review shall we?

19 Jan 2014

Bow and Hearts

Hi Guyss!

Today it's going to be a tutorial on these bow and heart nails! If you can see some hearts were outlined with black and some wasn't! I found it quite difficult to create such small intricate white hearts and then outlined! it was sooooo difficult. So I left one of them out and it looked alright, without it being outlined. Excuse the mess of the nails by the way.. it was like midnight when I did these!

I also did a little tutorial for you guys, if you wanted to see!

12 Jan 2014

Sparkly - Nails of the Day

Hi Guys!

How are you? :) I hope you are all doing well. This week's nail of the day is a sparkly-glitter-nude-ee concoction. I seriously couldn't be bothered with putting a design... i know! :( boooooo! But nonetheless i found this quite cute and still uses minimal effort, because the glitters are sooooo cool.

As you can see I used the Sally Hansen Triple Shine, If you haven't seen my review on the them, check it out here . I also used an Essie nail polish.. I find Essie nail polishes quite hit or miss as this one was definitely a miss! but the colour was soooo gorgeous. It was very streaky and took around 3-4 coats to apply. Whilst the Sally Hansen. O-M-G. love that nail polish. seriously. THE CHUNKS AND EVERYTHING!! As you can tell from the bottle i've used like a third/half >_> wooops.

To see the colours used, continue reading ^_^

5 Jan 2014

Nature Republic - Collagen Dream Face Mask

Hey Hey Hey Guuuuuys!

It's another blog post. say what! From the title this is gonna be a mini review/impression of me using the Nature Republic Collagen Dream face mask.

 I've heard of the Nature Republic brand before, and I own about 2 things from this brand a BB cream and this mask which has been used! I wasn't expecting much from this mask as there just masks right? Although I was definitely eager for moisture in my skin, as recently it has been on the dryer side :( But my gosh this mask did the trick for hydration/moisture, my skin has been dry around my nose and the sides of my temples.. weird right?

For those wondering where to buy this! I actually got this as a gift from my cousin who pampered me with a crapful  tonne of Korean beauty products! ahhhh <3 But i'm pretty sure you can buy these online for sure.

Lets get into the review, shall we? :D

4 Jan 2014

Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Review

hi guys! <3

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is finally 2014, and man oh man did 2013 fly by.

So for today's first post of the year.. Sally Hansen recently came out with this new range called the "Triple Shine"

I first saw these when my friend tagged my on Facebook with this video! AND IT LOOKED AMAZING! like i was so shocked!! it looked like leather and I dunno some really cool plastic shiz.

But unfortunately they weren't out yet for sale in Australia when I saw these advertised :( BUT THEN! I went into my local Priceline and saw them. They were displayed on a case like this, it was kinda hard to reach from the back since most of the "nicer" colours were there. 

This Priceline I went to lacked the colours I wanted to try.. As most of the shades were quite similar to what I had in my collection and the glitter nail polishes were quite similar! They were doing a 3 for 2 sale during the time and it retailed at $9.95, which is quite "standard" for Sally Hansen nail polishes. 

Although, In the end I went to Chemist Warehouse and found these babies for around $4.50 EACH!! EACH!! THATS LIKE 2 FOR THE PRICE OF ONE IN PRICELINE? LOL I got quite excited about these when I found out the prices, although the colour options weren't available since they were so cheap already!

Let's get into the review, shall we? :)