14 May 2017

💕 Etude House #4 💕

Hi Hi!

Received another box from Etude House this month! I've been super busy lately with so much on my plate, two jobs and uni. UGH what did I put myself into! Anyways, keep on reading to check out my review 💕

9 Apr 2017

Etude House #3

Hey Y'all!

Etude House #3 box has arrived, YAYYY! So for this months box we received quite a few products which I'm super excited about!! You ready for the review? Okay! Let's get started shall we!

5 Mar 2017

Etude House Wonder Fun Park Collection - Pink Bird Box #2

Hey Hey Hey!

Back at it again with another post, and back at it again with new products! This is the new line from Etude House called the Wonder Fun Park, or if we continue with Etude's slogan "A wonderful color prarades with Wonder Fun Park". This is probably the CUTEST FREAKING LINE EVER! and be prepared i'll be saying cute a lot sorry hehe ><

so let's get into the review shall we!

2 Feb 2017

Etude House - Pink Bird Box #1

Hi Y'all,

IT HAS BEEN AGES! WOW. Soooo, if you all still remember me! haha I've had the longest hiatus from this blog, and just been posting on my insta (Shameless plug, it's thesleee btw). As you can tell from the title, I recently got chosen to be apart of Etude House's Pink Bird Program! Super exciting!! So you'll definitely see more posts from me reviewing these Etude House products!

This month of January, I received my first box. So let's get started shall we!

28 Mar 2016

MOTW: Osulloc Natural Green Essence Sheet Mask

Hai Hai Guys!! 

I have a mini review for you today, it's the Osulloc Natural Green Essence Sheet Mask! So as you guessed it today's Mask of the Week review If you've never heard of Osullocit's a famous tea brand that originated in Jeju, with the largest tea farm. They also have the most delicious and infamous green tea ice cream and their ever so perfect cake rolls! Somebody pls take me to korea and indulge in all the green tea goodness :'(  Anyways, enough talking about the yummy food and let's continue on with the review shall we.