13 Jun 2015

Lashes and Lingerie - Adore Me

Hi Hi Guys!

WHAT?! Another post within the same week, I know I know I'm on a rooooll.. So this post is a little different from my other posts, but I was recently introduced to Adore Me and their cute lingerie, and it inspired me to create an inspiration mood board which I feel would go with these sets. I personally wish I owned such cute lingerie :'( Let's be honest, I haven't heard of this company before but after having a browse at their website (Definitely check out their sexy lingerie collection).. I noticed how freaking cute all their stuff is and affordable! Living in Australia lingerie can get pretty expensive, especially the cute pretty ones! So anyways, I hope you enjoyed my post and it gives you some inspiration! 

12 Jun 2015

Is that sample worth it? - Etude House Soft Clay Pack: Pore and Sebum Care

Hello Hello!!

Holy Smokey Moley!! IM ALIVE! I have been MIA for so long and i'm so damn sorry!! but as usual I am back, well until the semester starts again. But don't worry, I'll write a tonne of draft posts just to get back in the groove! Anyways, now since I'm on holidays, I've decided to create this series called "Is that sample worth it?" it's basically gonna be a series of me trying out samples... since I have SO MANY to go through... and I may or may not sample hoard >.< Sooooo! Let's get started!