22 Jul 2014

NOTD: So Much Effort Geometric Nails

Hi Guys!

you guessed it... a nails of the day post! I got inspired by a few posts on Instagram for this look, and I was then like why not try geometric nails?!

Normally people would use striping tape to create these geometric nails for a nice crisp line.. well for me, I didn't have striping tape. *boooo* Yep, you guessed it! I used regular sticky tape and cut it up into thin strips (effort.. I know)... Cutting the thin strips my eyes starting going cross eyed and blurry from focusing too long but nonetheless I still completed these! Not a whole hand though (are you crazy?!) Just my middle and ring finger :) and the rest of my nails are coated with this beautiful deep burgundy shade by Chi Chi (Femme Fatale).

Keep reading to check out the colours I used!

Colours used: (From Left to Right)

  • Dear Face Top Coat
  • Daiso 3 Step Gradient Nail: No. 2
  • Chi Chi Salon Formula: Femme Fatale
  • Models Prefer Nail Enamel: Day Dreamer
  • Rimmel 60 Seconds: 805 Grey Matter
  • Rimmel 60 Seconds: 809 Blue Me Away
Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post and until next time,


  1. This looks so pretty! Looks a bit difficult though!~

    1. Awww thank you Mimi! It was difficult, but it is actually pretty easy to do.. just use tape to create the lines :)