27 Jul 2014

Priceline Haul

Hi Guys!

So much for saving right? Well this is just a mini haul so don't you worry! I got this, when they were having 50% off Sally Hansen! SIGH so much regrets that I didn't get that many nail polishes :( but theres always another time right?

22 Jul 2014

NOTD: So Much Effort Geometric Nails

Hi Guys!

you guessed it... a nails of the day post! I got inspired by a few posts on Instagram for this look, and I was then like why not try geometric nails?!

Normally people would use striping tape to create these geometric nails for a nice crisp line.. well for me, I didn't have striping tape. *boooo* Yep, you guessed it! I used regular sticky tape and cut it up into thin strips (effort.. I know)... Cutting the thin strips my eyes starting going cross eyed and blurry from focusing too long but nonetheless I still completed these! Not a whole hand though (are you crazy?!) Just my middle and ring finger :) and the rest of my nails are coated with this beautiful deep burgundy shade by Chi Chi (Femme Fatale).

Keep reading to check out the colours I used!

13 Jul 2014

Korean Cosmetics Haul...Again!

Hi Guys!

So much for saving l-o-l.... Me and my friend Selina, or also known as a-beautifuladventure (She has a blog btw, I totally recommend that you check it out!)

7 Jul 2014

Mask of the Week: My Beauty Diary Coix Seed Mask

Hi Guys!

I'm back in the sheet mask routine! Let's hope >< The mask I'm using today and that I'm also trying for the first time is the My Beauty Diary Coix Seed Mask... You can gets yours at Sasa... which is probably the cheapest I've ever come across to buy these! Except I got a kit from Sasa which I did a review on here !