29 Aug 2014

Review: Too Cool For School Milk Tint

Hi Hi Guys!

Today I'm going to be reviewing the Too Cool for School (man, such a long brand name!) Milk tint :)
If you remember a LONGGGG while back I did a Korean Cosmetic Haul and I purchased this Milk tint. If I remember clearly from reading that post I purchased it because the packaging was super cute! and I don't own any milky tints, only the liquid like ones (which personally comparing to the liquid ones the milk ones are way more hydrating and doesn't accentuate the flakiness of your lips).

We gonna jump jump jump right into the review! :P

22 Aug 2014

My Skincare Products/Routine

Hi Guys!

If you saw my previous tutorial on the Tony Moly Esssence reviewed here ofc! I thought I might as well do a skincare routine... Tbh this is a pretty "eh" skincare routine nothing too fancy I hope! Although I do switch out my cleansers/exfoliators depending how my skin feels on the day. By the way, my skin is normal-combination with just a "dash" of sensitive depending on the product. Oh also, if you can tell I really love Olay Products! But HEY, my mom got me started into Olay... and I must say its great, so affordable and works as it claims!

16 Aug 2014

REVIEW: Tony Moly Intense Care Galactomyces Lite Essence 96.5%

Hi Guys! 

AHHHH holy crap. I AM SO SORRY!! For the lack of posts! I got a bit ahead with uni work... and next thing you know it's week 4 of uni already (time is flying... before you know it, i'll be graduating soon >< ) Anyways to make up for a super super delayed review! I decided to do a review of this product. I bought this around the end of June, so I've been using this product for around a good month and a half since then. 

Let's get onto the review shall we! 

*FYI Everyone's skin is different, so please be aware before using this product.