16 Aug 2014

REVIEW: Tony Moly Intense Care Galactomyces Lite Essence 96.5%

Hi Guys! 

AHHHH holy crap. I AM SO SORRY!! For the lack of posts! I got a bit ahead with uni work... and next thing you know it's week 4 of uni already (time is flying... before you know it, i'll be graduating soon >< ) Anyways to make up for a super super delayed review! I decided to do a review of this product. I bought this around the end of June, so I've been using this product for around a good month and a half since then. 

Let's get onto the review shall we! 

*FYI Everyone's skin is different, so please be aware before using this product. 

As you most of you may know the SKII Treatment Essence is like everyones holy grail, the best of the best! JUST PURE AWESOMENESS right?! If you didn't know as well, the price can be a little steep. At Myer the 75ml bottle is around $100 and the 150ml bottle is around $185. I KNOW RIGHT?! Hella expensive, yeah!? So what better solution then to find a dupe! (Unfortunately, I have never tried the SKII Facial Treatment Essence so I can't compare nor differentiate between them both. Although if I do ever purchase it, I shall tell you if it is well and truly worth the money!) 

This product was only $33 for 120ml. As "expensive" as you think it may be it is waaaay waaaay cheaper than the SKII Treatment. 

Features of this product: 
- The boosting essence revitalizes skin as it absorbs quickly into the skin.
- Contains 96.5% of Galactomyces ferment filtrate.
- The ingredient of 100% pure Galactomyces Fermented Filtrate obtained through low temperature fermentation processing makes rough and dull skin smooth and vitalized as it absorbs quickly into the skin. This essential boosting essence works effectively on all skin types and makes skin healthier.

You may be wondering.. What the hell is Galactomyces!? WELL! Galactomyces is the best natural yeast for the skin which was found from the master making brew alcoholic beverages and having exclusive clear and elastic hands. It helps skin to be more elastic and healthy. Basically in other words, great nutrients for the skin to drink up!
How to use:
I like to take a few drops (around 3-4)  onto my hands after I have toned my face. I pat/press it onto my skin. I do slow patting motions so it somewhat feels like a massage and then my skin absorbs the product like a sponge! I then continue on with my serum, then moisturiser and eye cream (only sometimes though...) Btw, I'm going to do a Skincare routine blog post next, so stay tuned! 

Comparison between left and right hand (the one with the hair band is no product)

If you could see, one doesn't look as smooth and one has more lines in it! LOL i dunno if that proves much but only if you could "feel" the picture. You would notice in person that one is so much more smoother than the other!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I really feel like it does what it claims and is excellent to prep your skin before moisturiser. It makes your skin to get up to its "maximum soaking" to absorb the moisturiser. (LOL that's the best way I could describe this...) I've also noticed this winter I haven't gotten many dry patches around my nose or anything, so maybe this product does work? 

(Before..A month and a bit ago before I started using the essence)
As you can tell I took a photo before I started using this product and up until now. My skin is definitely more "brighter"  (..If I say so myself), more elastic and supple! I've noticed now, that my skin isn't as "red" as it was  in the beginning. I actually have no idea what that was, but hey it isn't AS visible as it was before. 
(p.s i'm kinda breaking out ish from indulgent of foods... sad life! BUT MY SKIN IS GOOD, I SWEAR!)

  • Felt light and refreshing similar to the Micellar Water except wasn't as greasy
  • Sturdy glass packaging! Looks super sophisticated and expensive
  • Made my skin more bright, smooth, soft! 

  • none?! 
  • Although, I've noticed that when I stopped ("stopped" as in for about a week) using this my skin started like "suffering" so some pimples came along, my pores started to become bigger and more visible, my skin was dry and it wasn't as supple as it is now. But now after a month or so using it, I stopped using for a week and my skin hasn't actually been doing any of those things. So I reckon it is probably in the beginning when your skin is adjusting to the new product.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review! and until next time,


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  2. Hi there,

    I wanted to know if you could tell me if this has a whitening agent in? I am a bit scared to use it because I do not want to whiten?

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late response, but there isn't a whitening agent in it! There is whitening properties that help to even out your skin tone and complexion, not actually making you more pale. Hope that helped :)

  3. Hello
    The date showed at the bottom is the production date ? And where can I see the expiration date if any

  4. Hi dear! i got a bottle of the tony moly essence 94.5% 120 ml, but the back of the bottle says " Not for sale " and im wondering if i got the wrong one or a fake one.please advise.