22 Mar 2014

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finishing Matte Lipstick

Hi Guys!!

I have a review for you today! It's the Rimmel Lasting Finishing Matte Lipstick.. if you saw from the title. I wasn't planning at all to buy this.. (ha! what a joke.. when do I ever plan my purchases) Anyways, Me and my friend were wandering around Priceline and we saw that this was a buy 1 get 1 free offer! LIKE HELL YEAH PLEASE!! This lipstick usually retails for $12.95 but I got it for $6.50.. $6.47 (if you want to be accurate). So me and my friend got the same shade for like half the price, what a bargain! 

So let's continue on with the review, shall we?

As  I mentioned before I got the shade 107 which is a gorgeous deep berry-red with cool undertones! Personally I think I prefer more of a cool undertone red because I have "yellow-ee" asian skin!

The packaging is super adorable right! That clean yet sleek matte red packaging, with Kate Moss signature on the tube. Love it! When I first opened the tube it had a nice berry scent, I like it! For me, the smell didn't put me off at all but it was such a nice smell omg

Swatch of the lipstick
 As you can see its a very pigmented and opaque. 
I only used one swatch too! Am-a-zing!

More Swatches.
This lipstick gives a little tint/stain to your lips.
Like Smudging with fingers and waters and everything IT JUST STAYS THERE!!
I fully was scrubbing it in the shower and it wouldn't just come off -_-
but that just means it has great staying power right?!

  • Super Pigmented
  • Gorgeous Colour
  • Very hydrating 
  • Velvet-y finish
  • Colour can be built up
  • Colour is awesome for winter 8)
  • Affordable! 

  • Not completely matte, but more of a velvet/satin finish
  • I was hoping for a more berry shade on my lips.. But it turned out to be a cool tone red for me :( 

Anyways thanks for reading and until next time,
p.s. have you tried this lipstick? Or lipsticks with this similar shade? :) 


  1. What?? OMG are the sales still on? I've always wanted to test out these lipsticks cuz almost every second girl in the world has one of these

    1. YES! the sales are still on.. it's pretty good :) i love this shade, and it makes my teeth soooo white!

  2. ooooh I really wanna try the kate moss range, it looks good!


    1. yah! get them while they're still buy 1 get 1 free :)

  3. The colour looks really pretty! Would you like to follow for a follow?

    zxuantan.blogspot.com :)

    1. ahh yes, love the colour! yeah sure, followed :)

  4. I would buy this alone just for the packaging lol It's a really pretty shade and I have a bad habit of collecting lipsticks in all shades of red. This is so so so pretty though I like it lol


    1. ahh yes! I love this shade too :) I recommend it!

  5. This colour looks gorgeous!! Wanna buy it but does it dry up ur lips?

    1. Hi Josee! It actually wasn't really drying like I thought it would be, I found it fairly moisturising compared to other matte lipsticks I own