1 Feb 2015

My Makeup Collection/Storage using the Godmorgon Box from IKEA


This post is going to be about my makeup collection/storage... Not much of collection but more of storage. Recently well not so recent now LOLLL, but for Christmas I got this makeup storage set from my dear friend Lady! (Hi Lady if ur reading! i know how excited you were for this post ;) ) . It's actually from IKEA and you might've heard of this... It is the "Godmorgon box with compartments" and it was $18AUD. It is made out of polystyrene-acrylic plastic, which makes it very sturdy and can store a lot of goodies!

So let's get started!

So I have 3 types of storage on my table, a makeup storage, a lipstick storage and a bit of my skincare/random products storage.

The Godmorgon Box

This fits a crap load of make up in it! I was frankly quite surprised how much it would fit, and I didn't realise how much makeup I had as well.... oops. It has two compartments a top layer compartment and a box compartment.

In the top layer compartment I like to put small things in it such as lipbalms, hand creams, shavers etc. The top layer compartment it is also removable and you can either keep it standing or laying it flat like I have.

This compartment is probably my FAVOURITE compartment... I just love cheek products and idk! its all flat and everything. The only downside is you can't really stack products because of the removable compartment on top, or else it won't stay on. 

 This is where I store some of my other skincare and my base products! Such as BB Cream, Foundation etc... My most used ones.

This compartment/section.. IS THE EASIEST Section to get messy... I have things like lip liners, eyeliners, eyeshadows, highlights, tints, stains, primers, mascaras , concealers LOL BASICALLY ANYTHING that can fit into these little cubes!

Brush Storage

This is just a cute little IKEA container that I got not too long ago.. It fits most of my used brushes and ITS SO CUTE!!!

Lipstick Storage

Frankly, I have no idea where this is from.. I got this as a gift and it is actually a two part storage but I just used the bottom and stored all my lipsticks! Tbh ever since I put it in this storage I never realised how much lip products I had up until now -_- .... So I think i'm gonna stop on the lip products just for now....

Skincare Storage
This box I actually got it from Daiso! And it contains all the random bits of "junk" I can't seem to fit anywhere else... It's kind of skincare kind of not LOL my skincare stuff is all over the place.. So yeaaaaah!

Anyways, I really hoped you enjoyed this post and it gave you some sort of inspiration on storing your make up and until next time,


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