12 Jun 2015

Is that sample worth it? - Etude House Soft Clay Pack: Pore and Sebum Care

Hello Hello!!

Holy Smokey Moley!! IM ALIVE! I have been MIA for so long and i'm so damn sorry!! but as usual I am back, well until the semester starts again. But don't worry, I'll write a tonne of draft posts just to get back in the groove! Anyways, now since I'm on holidays, I've decided to create this series called "Is that sample worth it?" it's basically gonna be a series of me trying out samples... since I have SO MANY to go through... and I may or may not sample hoard >.< Sooooo! Let's get started!

Today I'm trying out the Etude House Soft Clay Pack!

Now don't judge this little packet, It actually contains SOOO much product! The photo below doesn't justify how much there is... But my face I would consider is pretty big, and I even applied two layers, cos I didn't realise how much product there was! 

LOOK! so much product. So anyways, back to how this product works... (It's actually been such a long time, I've kind forgotten how to blog) 

The Full Sized Product:
- It contains 150ml product, which is actually quite a lot of product considering your typical branded masks contain 100ml of products.

Price: $8 (From the Etude House Global Site)

"This is a soft clay pack that reduces the size of pores and amount of sebum with its smooth texture."

1. Spread gently onto face after toner, avoiding eye and lip area.
2. After 5~10 minutes, wash off with lukewarm water. Can use on small areas with blackheads, large pores, and sebum. (Use 1~2 times a week)

Overall, I actually prefer wash off masks over peel off masks as they don't off anything really harshly. I feel like when you peel off a mask, yes all the impurities may come out, but peeling it can also stretch the skin a little and you may lose its elasticity. Besides from that peeling a mask hurts like a freggin b****. I overall enjoyed this mask as it made my skin feel super super super soft like a baby's bottom! and my pores definitely minimised in size.

Would I purchase the full size? YES! After I go through all my masks and everything I would definitely try the full size. 

Anyways, hopefully I will be posting more in the future and until next time,

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