26 Jan 2016

REVIEW - ๐Ÿ’•Brite Organix Semi Permanent Pastel Pink ๐Ÿ’•


I'm alive! LOL legit haven't logged onto here since June (...ooops) I'm currently on uni break at the moment, and I'm not working either so I thought why not create a blog post!! YAY!

In the time I was away, I got my hair balayage-d (is that a word?!) anyways, and it was a beautiful smokey grey/silver! but unfortunately that faded out to a blonde :( So I decided, Why not dye my hair pink?! Cos im already blonde, right? Took a trip to my local supermarket and I was gonna get like the usual Manic Panic or the fudge hair dye, cos that's the only ones we have here. But!!! I found this one by Brite Organix and I thought why not try it out!

So let's get onto the semi-review shall we! :)

There isn't much of a review going on, but when I was at the store there was like BARELY any reviews about this product! So why not help everyone like me, and check to see if it's good or not!

The best part about this product is that it's Vegan and Peta certified! So for all you animal lovers out there, no animals were harmed in the making of this product. Also, you can leave it on your hair for as long as you want and it won't damage it at all! I left mine in for 30-40 minutes!

Price: $9.99 AUD (I found mine at Woolworths)

Application Process:

  • Very Easy
  • Didn't stain on my skin, easy to wash off
  • I applied probably like 10 pumps of conditioner onto the mix and it turned out to be a vibrant pink
  • Smell: very pleasant, compared to other hair dyes. Didn't burn my nose hairs! 

It also claims that it will wash out between 5-30 washes.
I don't exactly remember how many washes it took! But you shall see in the photos below!

Day One: Jan 16th
Bye Bye Blonde!
Day 1: Pink is in Action
Not very pastel-ee, but a super vibrant pink!

Day 9: Jan 24th
 Hair has faded into a lovely Pastel Pink colour
Super in love with this colour!!
Day 12: Jan 26th
Hair colour still there! It's like a super rose gold-ee colour!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this quick little post! and hopefully you'll see more posts from me in the future. Until next time,