2 Mar 2014

✿ Review : All hail the benefit tint things ✿

Hey Guys !!

How are you all doing? :)

As you saw in my previous post with my recent haul, I got some Benefit products! So I thought why not do a review of all 3 Benefit tint products in a blog post! All the tints I own are just little samples.. cos you know one bottle is like $50.. I'm so not ready for that commitment, this way I just get to have a little try of everything instead of having to spend $150 for all 3 omg #expensive. Also I want to help you save some mula and hopefully if you do purchase it your decision will some what be at ease... but hey! if you like all 3, that is not my problem ;) LOL

The 3 products that I own are:

So let's get started y'all!

Posietint: "A poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain"

- How to apply

"For the most even flush, dab Posietint on our foundation brush and blend on one cheek at a time"


  • Cutest packaging ever! that rose gold ;)
  • It's quite hydrating 
  • A milky tint
  • Similar shade to my lips, which gives it them a "my lips but better" colour

  • It didn't really stain my lips
  • Very sheer coverage, not as pigmented as I liked it to be 
  • Requires a few coat to get a substantial colour onto the lips or cheeks
  • A bit expensive

Benetint: " Rose-tinted lip & cheek stain"

- How to apply

"Brush three strokes on the apples of your cheeks & blend quickly with fingertip. Apply on lips & blend. For a deeper "pop" of color, repeat"


  • Amazing pigmentation
  • Cute shade of pink to give an effect like your blushing
  • Watery Tint
  • The colour can be built up to your desired shade from a light wash of pink or to an intense hot pink

  • It dries fairly fast so I would recommend quickly blending it in or else you will notice the colours starting to layer over each other If you can see from the swatch
  • A bit expensive

High Beam: "Luminescent complexion enhancer"

- How to apply

"Dot and blend over makeup on to cheek and brow bones, or anywhere you want a glance to linger."


  • Super shimmery and there are very fine glitters, no massive chunks so it will look very natural
  • Very pigmented, requires a very little amount
  • Suits most skin tones
  • Gives the effect of glowing skin if placed under your face make up

  • The glowing finish might be ruined if you set powder on top of it, I'd recommend placing this after you powder your face
  • A bit expensive


Swatches of all three products next to each other
Brush Sizes seem to be all the same for the packaging.
Although i'd like a sponge like applicator for the Posietint and benetint
as the product would apply much smoother with it.
I hope you guys liked this review and hopefully by next week i'll have a nails post! :) 
Anyways until next time,


  1. How much was all three? :) you've used so much of benetint!


    1. i got the posietint and high beam for $19! the benetint i got in a little sample kit for my birthday so i'm not sure how much it is! but i think like some little kits are $40 >< eeep