29 Mar 2014

Monthly Favourites/Everyday Products?

Hey Guys!

It's been a while.. well it feels like it's been a while >< Everything has start to become a bit overwhelming since uni started, and there is just no time at all to paint my nails (boo! i know right)
So I thought i'd share you my "monthly" favourites, well I've actually been loving these products for ages but I dunno if you would consider these monthly, cos damn gurl that's a lot of products to try out in a month!

So yeah yeah yeah let's check it out!

- The Faceshop Aqua Tinted BB Cream
I'm in the shade 02 Natural Beige! I really love this BB cream, and unfortunately it is almost coming to an end :'( i cry! The texture is so hydrating and moisturising it's great, it also doesn't have that grey/white cast that most bb creams have.. which I don't really like. GAHHHH i just love it. I'm thinking of purchasing this again.

- Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing powder: 010 Brighten Enclant
PRETTIEST POWDER HIGHLIGHTER THAT I OWN!! I've had this for like 2-3 years and the amount of product I've used and it's still so full! It is slightly domed.. think of the Mac mineralized skin finishes? and yet so much product. The finish is is amazing too!

- Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Amazing brush! Makes base products that are light coverage to really full coverage. Love using it with the Faceshop BB Cream!! It blends so well and the brush is ever so soft! Also, when you wash these brushes they dry unbelievably fast! 

- Etude House Cookie Blusher: #3 Rasberry Tart
CUTEST BLUSH EVERRR! And it gives a highlight effect too because of the tiny shimmers! It's a really cute baby doll pink which gives you the nicest flush of cheeks 

-Innisfree No-sebum Mineral Powder
Love this powder! It gives the smooooooooothest finish and it makes your skin so silky soft! It looks better the longer you wear it. Although the smell is a bit weird, i think it may be the "natural originated mint" but other than that it's awesome!

- Mac Sheertone blush: Sincere
Sometimes if i'm bothered. I like to use this blush as a "contour" at the back of my cheeks. So I would put two blushes on my cheeks, this one at the back and the Etude house one at the apples! I think it makes the blush look more dimensional! I got this blush agesss ago, and I still haven't hit pan or anything, but that's a good thing right? Since there like $40 ish -_-

- The Faceshop Design My Eyebrow: Dark Gray
AWESOMEEE EYEBROW PENCIL EVERR! The thing is I use to suck at filling in my eyebrows. So when I saw this dark gray colour, it was so much more different compared to your "western" eyebrow products like Rimmel since they only supply colours like dark brown. This product isn't super pigmented which is good! Since you won't look like you have the bushiest of eyebrows but you can fill it in according to the darkness that you'd like. 

- Australis Extender Lash and Brow
man.. this tube is so ugly HAHAHA like I need a new one asap. I didn't realise how dirty it was until I googled images of this product and it looked so new! But yeah, love to use this after I fill in my brows! 

- Lovely Me:ex Makeup Base: Green 
This is a brand from The Face Shop! (As you can tell.. I like a lot of Faceshop stuff alright? XD). If you have any redness on your face, I highly recommend this. But I also recommend that you apply it in thin layers, because if you apply too much at a time you're gonna look ghost like (unless your going for that look :P) OH and make sure your face is extremely extremely moisturised, cos I'm not sure why but this stuff kinda accentuates your dry spots! 

Anyways! I hope you enjoyed reading my monthly/everyday favourites! and until next time,


  1. Ohhhh gurl, love that baby blusher! Xx

  2. ooo i have that bb cream too, in the same shade! but i dont use mines often :(

    1. oh really? :O it's so good though, i'm like running out ><

  3. the mac bronzer/blush looks so pigmented!

    xx Jeremie

    1. yesss! super pigmented... but so expensive :(