9 Mar 2014

Navy Bow Nails - NOTD


I painted my nails for like the first time in months LOL well it feels ages.... I seriously can't be bothered with any design or something, and I recently purchased this nail sticker thingies from Daiso! Oh how much do I love Daiso :') It still looks like effort was put in except I just stuck them onto my nails. Oh and btw these stickers are a pain to remove if you've never used these. Once there stuck, they are STUCK! Imagine those days when you use to contact your textbooks for high school and then you wanted to remove the contact and flatten it out more and then it just gets worse the more you remove it.. well its similar to that.

For this design I just painted it with 2 coats of Maybelline's Color show in 350 Blue Freeze, applied topcoat and basecoat! As well as apply these gold seals on my index and ring finger.

Anyways until next time,