17 May 2014

My Beauty Diary Mask Review!

Hi Guys!

I recently bought some stuff off Sasa! I only bought a few things and this was my first time purchasing at Sasa.com. The service and shipping was rather fast it took less than a week to ship all of my stuff. One thing I really wanted to buy was sheet masks, cos you know it's winter in Australia and the skin is starting to lose all its moisture from the harsh winter weather.

check it out to see my mini review on these masks!

So the My Beauty Diary mask as I mentioned before were from sasa.com  (I linked it for you guys just incase you wanted to buy it). This set which is still on sale, I got for $21.10 and it contains 15 pieces. AND if you're like me and like to calculate how much each piece costs, its roughly $1.40 a piece. I found these so freaking cheap!! Because you know how in The Face Shop a single mask is like $2-3 !! SO YEAH that was the "bargain" side of me XD

Anyways back to the review, I've already tried My Beauty Diary Masks before and there just so great! The masks are super juicy and filled with all the goodness of the serums and moisture that will be locked into your face.

DID I MENTION HOW CUTE THIS PACKAGING IS?! OH MY GOD LOOK AT IT!! Even the divider boxers inside are cute and floral-eeee!


Now continuing on with the masks! 
This contains 15 pieces as mentioned before and it has: 
  • 5 x Arbutin Whitening Masks
    • "Arbutin is an effective whitening & anti-ageing ingredient which penetrates deep into skin and effectively inhibits the formation of melanin, dark spots, and freckles, leaving you a bright skin tone with high translucency. Besides, Arbutin is very effective in whitening your skin. It does not only safeguard your skin against melanin on the surface but it also removes melanin deep under your skin to whiten your skin. So try one piece today to experience the difference brought by My Beauty Diary Arbutin Whitening Mask."
  • 5 x Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Mask
    • "It contains HYALURONIC ACID. Hyaluronic Acid is the king of hydrators. Only 1 gramme of the Hyaluronic acid is capable of retaining up to 6 liters of water. It can be produced naturally by the body. It provides continuous moisture to the skin. However, with age, the ability of the skin to produce Hyaluronic Acid decreases drastically leaving the skin wrinkled and sagging. By using My Beauty Diary HYALURONIC ACID MOISTURISING MASK stops the degenerative process that sets in with aging, while revitalizing damaged tissue, leaving your skin moisturized and young-looking."
  • 1 x Brocoli Mask
    • "Broccoli Extracts soothe fatigue and dull skin. Combining with the fruity acid extracted from lime, pineapple and apple, it helps whiten skin and enhance skin’s defensive power."
  • 1 x Birds Nest Mask
    • "Amino Acid, Collagen and Polysaccharide are derived from Imperial Bird’s Nest which nourishskin from deep within. Also, it contains oat and algae to moisturize skin and repair fine lines, ultimate flawless skin is resulted."
  • 1 x Ginseng Mask
    • "Ginsenoside penetrates deeply into skin to boost the skin’s repairing immunityand regain skin’s youthfulness. It also contains Centellae Herbato for firming and to resculpt the intensity among skin cell." 
  • 1 x Rice Mask
    • "Rice Extracts awaken the natural hydrating system in the body and it also works with hydrolyzed rice protein to help regain skin’s suppleness and translucency."
  • 1 x Coix Seed Mask
    • "Prevents the formation of melanin effectively and anti-oxidation, flawless skin is resulted. It also helps soften skin and reveals skin’s youthfulness."

 Seriously so many masks, such great value and quality! GO TRY IT, SO SO GOOD!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Anyways until next time,


  1. oooOOOOoooOOO so cutesy! let us know how it goes!

  2. Aww the packaging is so adorable! ✿
    I've always wanted to try the My Diary Beauty Masks, but never got around to it. Hope you like them girly!!

    Cristielle |Fairytale Princess ☾•*

    1. aw thank you Cristielle! I love them a lot, hope you try them out too :)

  3. The packaging is super adorable! Is mybeautydiary masks of comparable quality to Korean face masks? ^^

    1. ahaha yes! I found that these masks were SOOO much more "juicier" compared to Korean face masks... although only comparing to the few brands I've tried such as The face shop, Nature republic and Tony moly!