10 May 2014

Nail Polish Haul

Hi Guys!


I bought some nail polishes at Priceline! There pretty mini LOL but dude for like a dollar each... nothing can go wrong. AND I WAS RIGHT! I did some test swatches on my nails, dude there pretty pigmented such amazing quality and everything! I was worried that the Models Prefer would be kinda "gloopy" but THEY ARENT! *HALLEJULAHHHH* *ANGELIC MUSIC*

Seriously. So damn Amazing. By the way, I found these in the clearance so like if you find the same ones... GET THEM! All this for $6. I can't. Too cheap.

omfg *rant* the person that was working there got pissed cos there were only two people working at the store and all the workers were surrounded by the Pharmacy section of Priceline. So there was no one at the actual registers like to serve people! So I go over to her and I was like "Hi I was wondering if I can pay now?" and she full gave me the "SORRY! I can't right now. I'm helping someone! Can't you see?!" My god. Seriously the rudest worker ever. When I finally went to pay, she was like "aw cute colour".. "So that's $1".. Looks through the next couple of ones "Oh these too.. $1..." Like you could totally tell she was judging and stuff. I can't even. Suh Rude.

Anyways the colours I got were:

Essence Snow White: Happy
A Mustard Yellow Colour
Essence Snow White: Doc
A Vibrant Orange Colour
Models Prefer Nail Enamel: Ring-a-rosy
A Rose Gold Glitter Colour
Models Prefer Nail Enamel: Day Dreamer
A Light Baby Sky Blue
Models Prefer Nail Enamel: Out Of Office
A Hot Pink Colour
Models Prefer Nail Enamel: Rainstorm
A chunky blue glitter
Anyways that is all and I hope you enjoyed this post, and until next time,