25 May 2014

Mask of the Week: Tony Moly Floria Whitening Mask Sheet

Hi Guys!

Since recently I've been hoarding all these sheet masks and it's actually getting pretty bad.. so I've decided to start this mini "series" if you might call it, where I try on a different mask every week (well hopefully every week). Hoping that I can quickly go through all the masks I've got!

Recently my skin has looking a bit dull and "lifeless". I don't know if it's the uni stress or the lack of sleep from staying up doing an assignment or watching a drama. hehehe! So I was like... "WHY NOT SLAP ON A MASK?!"

Today's mask I'm using Tony Moly Floria Whitening Sheet Mask. My god. what a mouthful! I actually got this as a gift from my cousin who went to Korea AGESS AGO! LOL probably a year? yeah I'm finally starting to use this mask... oh wells.

This is the back of the sheet mask.

For those having trouble reading it.

Description: Youthfully radiant skin and blooming face made by magically pure and whitening prism of Floria.

lolwut. That was the most random description ever! Do you ever feel like with asian packaging when they describe things in English, they use words that are COMPLETELY useless/random? or maybe it's just me.

Directions: Tear open and apply to face. Leave on for 10-20 minutes and then remove. 

Btw! I leave this mask on until it dries for me to get the maximum usage out of this and ensuring all the moisture gets locked onto my face!

Me with the mask on! LOL 
the mask kinda looks "fake" on me.. cos the photo was originally really dark and when I went to edit the exposure/shadows it just went all weird, and I couldn't change it back :(

An hour later or so! My skin feelss nice and hydrated.
I forgot to take an after photo :( But this is still pretty good right? 


  • The mask isn't AS juicy, but still has an adequate amount of serum to be absorbed onto the face
  • Fits my face perfectly! I have a pretty big face...So some masks are either too small, or the eye to mouth part doesn't match up perfectly for me
  • Nice Floral-ee Scent
  • Made my skin look brighter and more awake
  • Hyper-pigmentation from previous pimple/acne scars started to "whiten" and look less visible
  • A really nice cooling sensation when you first put it on 
  • Skin felt very moist and supple after using the mask
  • It started to sting in the beginning around the corner of my eyes but I moved it around after and it stopped stinging
  • May be a little hard to get your hands on
  • May not be suitable to those with sensitive skin due to floral scent
I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! and tell me what is your favourite mask? :)

Until next time,

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