2 May 2014

NOTD: Lilac with spots

Hello Hello Guys!

ha. what an original title right? But my nails are really what they say. LOL Lilac nails with spots. It reminds me of taro milk tea with pearls. Don't it? I don't even like taro milk tea...

I recently bought that top coat (so the "pearls" of the nails) from Priceline. The brand is called Essence, and for those unfamiliar the brand is SUPER DUPER cheap! I think I got that top coat/topper for $3 something? I don't know about you guys, but in Australia that is super cheap for a nail polish at regular price! (which is kinda sad actually...)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and to see the colours used, keep on reading :)

Colours used:

- Base Coat: Sportsgirl Nail It: Lace
- Top Coat: Essence Nail Topper:

After using this topcoat I actually do feel like it's a great nail effect top coat! It didn't seem to streaky and when you pack all the glitter particles it dries kind of fast which compare to that Chi Chi one I used in my last nail post. :( I do recommend buying it, although be quick the "limited" stuff in Essence tends to usually run out fast since it's like dirt cheap!

Anyways until next time,


  1. Oh the essence nail topper is really pretty!

  2. the nail varnish looks fab <3