25 Dec 2013

Christmas Snowman Nail Tutorial!

Hi Guys!!!

IT'S CHRISTMAS TODAY! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! To all my lovely readers <3

Since today is extra special ;) I decided to post a tutorial for you guys, compared to my ritual sunday posts! But don't worry, there will still be a post on Sunday coming this week.

As you might've seen from the thumbnail or title, it's going to be a snowman nail tutorial!
(Please be in mind, that I did these nails on my sister.. and her nails were so freaking short! like so small, but don't worry that didn't stop me from taking up a challenge to post these for you)

Let's get started! :)

Here are the colours I used: (From left to right)

- Essie: Smooth Sailing
- Maybelline Mini Color Rama: 105 Urban Orange
- Rimmel 60 Seconds: Blue Me Away
- Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear: White On
- Dear Face: Top coat+Base Coat
- Racine: (Doesn't have a name)
- Sharpie: Black

Create two circles! I freehanded this,
but you can certainly use the back of a pencil to create to circles!

Using any orange colour, create the carrot nose!
I just took off the excess nail polish and
ever so slightly swiped a "carrot" on the top circle

Then using a sharpie outline the top circle and the edges of the bottom circle (as pictured)
And create the eyes and mouths
Look our snowman is already coming together!

Add the scarf and the top hat!
With the scarf imagine it to be a ladder? And also include the little red stripe near the top hat!

Fill in the scarf with a blue or navy! Or any colour you'd like
I left a gap between every square so the snowman is wearing a striped scarf!

Heres a close up of the snowman! It's a little messy, but hey we all make mistakes right?

To make it a little more "christmas-ee" i added some red sparkles! on the rest of the fingers on top the blue!
It gives it a little more dimension in the nails and also they won't be as bare compared to the snowman.
I used Revlon's Slipper.

Anyways, I really hope you guys enjoy this nail tutorial and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas until next time...