14 May 2017

πŸ’• Etude House #4 πŸ’•

Hi Hi!

Received another box from Etude House this month! I've been super busy lately with so much on my plate, two jobs and uni. UGH what did I put myself into! Anyways, keep on reading to check out my review πŸ’•

Any Cushion All Day Perfect

Look how gorgeous Krystal is! *sniffle* #goals :'(

This cushion claims to:

  • Perfect Cover
  • Smooth adherence 
  • Absolute lasting power

The shade Beige matched my perfectly! I honestly couldn't tell if it was my skin or the cushion. Beige is perfect for someone who is light with a lot of yellow tones!

THE CUSHION SPONGE! It was so soft yet so dense, that it allowed me to create a smooth yet flawless coverage! It felt like a beauty blender but in cushion sponge form.

My Verdict:
I absolutely loved this cushion! I've tried many other cushions from Etude House, and this one was definitely my favourite. I'm not sure if it was cos of the fluffy cushion sponge or if it was the formula! The cushion makes everything super fast to apply and the coverage is super natural! However, I did notice after 3-4 hours of wear, my skin started to become oily. I definitely recommend you to set the cushion before using, if you are an oily/combo girl like me :)

Fix and Fix Primer

I'm gonna be honest, I wasn't expecting much from this primer since the cushion wasn't as pigmented in colour. However! I received the shade 03 Lavender. DUDE DUDE DUDE! This fix and fix tone up primer is freaking legit! I'm quite a yellowy/dull person and my skin was like A++++ hahaha! My skin instantly looked bright and "toned" lel without looking like a white ghost! I'm still using it even right now! Definitely my favourite product.

Super Slim Liner

Ahhhh eyeliners, the biggest struggle for someone like me! Since I have oily monolids, barely anything stays on! So this is perfect for someone like me to try out and adventure out to new brands! I'm currently using the KVD liner and I've never looked back hahaha

Essentially, this is Etude House's slimmest eyeliner! It has a 0.33mm brush! CRAZY so slim. haha


I quite liked this eyeliner! It gave my the same impression as I did with KVD, however not as pigmented! But going over it a few times, the pigmentation did apply well. The brush is super thin, meaning precision is on point! I could do the sharpest wing liner and it looked pretty good! It has good longevity, and for the price you really can't go wrong!

The super slim brown liner, I found a little disappointing since pencils don't really work that well on me! However, I used this to my ability and decided to apply it as a smudgy eyeshadow! Since I have oily lids the liner didn't seem to stay on for that long, but once smudged it lasted pretty long.

(Top to bottom)
Super Slim Brown Pencil Liner
Super Slim Black liner

When both products were smudged. As you can tell the brown liner smudged really well, makes a really good smokey liner.

Bare face >_>


Applying the primer!

Applying both the primer and cushion! Such a flawless yet natural applicaiton

My face looks weird lel, but i was trying to show you my eyeliner! haha #monolidlyf

Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed this box! and I really hope you enjoyed my review =)
Until next time,