26 Oct 2014

REVIEW: Models Prefer Day to Night Palette

Hi Guys!

 GUESS WHAT IF FOUND DURING MY USUAL STROLL IN PRICELINE?! ..... A Dupe for the Naked Palette!? WELL I kinda freaked out at first, cos as I was walking by I was like "holy crap. is this the Naked Palette.. wait a minute?! is that $10!? whaaat!" That was basically my reaction LOL. I'm seriously so excited to review this for you guys! So get ready for some reading :D

This palette called the "Shadows by Models Prefer" is the day to night palette. I think this is part of Models Prefer christmas kit and to be honest! IT REALLY ISN'T BAD! I feel like with Models Prefer it's either you win or you don't with their products. This was definitely a win.

As mentioned before considering its price of $10 for 12 eyeshadows PLUS a dual ended eyeshadow brush. It's such a bargain!

Look how gorgeous these shades are! Most of the shades are shimmery, besides from Voicemail, After Hours, Hot Date and Night time. I wouldn't consider those shades completely matte, but it's more matte compared to the shimmery shades.

This dual-ended brush is absolutely so soft! It reminds me of the Real Technique brushes I own. Super amazing! I'm not sure if it sheds yet, as I haven't washed it... But I'll let you know how it goes 

Deadline: Shimmery Champagne 
Voicemail: Matte White shade
Overtime: Shimmery light peach shade
Workaholic: Shimmery bronzed shade 
Coworker: Shimmery brown shade  (super pigmented!)

Overachiever: Shimmery red brown shade (super pigmented!)
Coffee break: Shimmery brown/taupe shade  (super pigmented!)
After hours: Semi-Matte dark brown shade  (super pigmented!)
Hot Date: Matte light brown shade
Happy Hour: Pinkish/Brownish/Greyish colour LOL
Dawntime: Shimmery silver/grey shade
Nighttime: Matte black 


**Click the photo, so you can enlarge the photo btw :)

As you can tell from the swatches the middle darker colours are really pigmented! Afterhours, Coffee break, overachiever and coworker were ALL very pigmented. Super buttery as well! Whilst the others shades were somewhat chalky.

Whilst testing these out, I noticed if you didn't pack the eyeshadow properly onto the brush there will be a lot of fallout on the not so pigmented shades. I also figured that with the lighter shades, it was best applied with fingers! Or even a wet eyeshadow brush. Longevity, I did notice that it held up for a long time (especially for my somewhat oily monolids) I think it held for a total of 4-5 hours (without primer or a base as well) 

As for the palette overall... I really think this isn't a bad palette! For it's price of $10, it's super affordable and so so many colours! Although, I'd like to compare this palette to the Naked Palette... which I do not own unfortunately :( But since it is hard to find the Naked palette in Australia, I totally recommend this! It's great for beginners as well, since they can experience many different shades and colours to play around with, instead of buying single eyeshadows or an actual palette.... which can be a tad pricey in Australia! (A Maybelline palette could cost up to $15-20... EEP!!)

Anyways thank you so much for reading, and until next time,


  1. the packaging looks SO similar to the naked palette!

    1. yeah! there was another one by Models prefer... like the nude one... THAT ONE WAS SO SIMILAR! OMFG you should totally get it ;)

  2. Omg I've never seen this brand before! I've been dying to buy the Naked palette but it's rather pricey. This looks like such a good dupe, I'll definitely check it out!
    Thanks so much for sharing~

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

    1. Hi Payton! Yeah!! it's an Australian brand from the drugstore "Priceline". I'm not sure if you can get it online, but if you ever come to Australia definitely check it out ^_^

  3. :O will definitely try this out!

    1. ikr! they have a nude palette too, which I think you'll enjoy more ^_^

  4. Looks so nice :)