9 Feb 2014

Matte Matte Matte Shiny Matte: Nails of the day

Hi Guys! 

It feels like I haven't blogged in ages.. however it was just last week that I posted, doesn't one week does feel forever? So just yesterday I had a wedding party! and my dress was a striped dress kind of thing LOL and I wasn't sure of how I wanted to do my nails. I wanted my nails to look simple but somewhat interesting. So I decided to pair it with matte black nails and a silver glitter ascent nails. 

This silver nail polish. MUST I TELL YOU! IS SOOOOOOO PIGMENTED! THE COLOUR. OMGGG like its so thick but not too thick to the point where all the glitter particles chunk up together! It's such an amazing colour and I wish I got more from this range :( but I remember at the time it was only limited edition... Sigh any regrets? But If I see this Sequin collection again, I AM DEFINITELY GONNA PURCHASE THEM ALLLLLLL! *goodbye money* LOL

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this nails of the day and if you'd like to see the colours used, then you know what to do! ;)

Colours used:

heheh see you guys in my next blog post! Until next time, 

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