15 Feb 2014

Haulin' - feeling broke as heck

Heeeeelllo my lovely readers!!

No nail tutorial this week! As I recently cut my nails, and they are in SOOOO BAD CONDITION! i know right -.- i'm like slapping a sh** tonne of hand cream on my hands and fingers to make them a little bit better! Of course its working but it's just too bad of a condition to show you a nice nail tutorial :'(

So I did a little shopping.. and everything was just so appealing to me!! ugh i'm feeling so broke.
Gah but then again I haven't shopped in ages... So it's a little good that i'm getting all that beauty therapy.. mmmmm love that stuff!

Hehehe anyways to see what I bought, Check it out :)

Here are the products I got!
  • Real Techniques: Your base flawless core collection (I actually bought this a while ago.. but hey! I've only used on brush.. and that buffing brush is so damn beautifully amazing.. You must try it)
  • Tony Moly: Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream
  • The Faceshop: Volcanic Clay Blackhead Heating Gel Mask
    • I got this because recently i'm noticing a lot of blackheads/bigger pores, and I was indecisive between this one or the nose mask peeling. I asked the sales assistant whom was very nice, and she recommended that this one is more for a long term effect which slowly gets rid of them... well that's what she said! I'll tell you in due time to how it goes :)
  • Benefit: Posietint & Highbeam duo
    • THIS!! THIS!! I FOUND IT SUCH A DELICIOUS BARGAIN OMG. AND IT WAS THE LAST ONE TOO!! It was $19 for two, but I had a little $3 discount which meant it was $16. I reckon this was such a good bargain.
  • Tony Moly: Petite Bunny Gloss Bar

Heheheh that is all, I really hope you liked this little haul kinda thang and i'll see you again in my next post ^_^