4 Apr 2014

Cute Pastel Nails

Hi Guys!

This week I've got these cute pastel nails going on for you! I know its very "plain" but i just love the finish and the colour. ITS TO DIE FOR! and also that super adorbs ascent nail. The glitter nail polish is from Chi Chi and it reminded me a lot of Deborah Lippman nail polishes except it's way cheaper! I remember getting it during the boxing day sales with like 8 nail polishes for $20 at Myer! Quite a bargain :)

Although to get the glitters to be that opaque, I had to really pack it onto my nail! It also took forever to dry... I'm currently writing this post as it's drying and it's been almost an hour! *booo*

To see the nail polishes used, keep on reading

Colours used:

- Sportsgirl Nail It: Lace
- Chi Chi Salon Formula (There's actually no name for it :( but i've listed some dupes for you guys!)

    • Australis Glitters  (Carnival Chaos)
    • Australis Glitters  (Fairy Bread)
    • Deborah Lippman (Let's Go Crazy)
    • Deborah Lippman (Stronger)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and until next time,


  1. one of ma faves! I love this one slee!

  2. OOOO I have both these polishes!!! <3 <3 heheh the chich one is great!!! might try this out :') xoxo

    1. Hai gurl ;) hehe yes yes it's pretty good except you really have to pack on the nail polish and it takes forever to dry! like forever... or maybe theres a better way to apply it.. if there is let me know! ^^

  3. heheheh there is!!! apply the glitters then put on the sally hansen insta-dri anti-chip topcoat, dries so fast!!! and so smoothly :') myself and http://a-beautifuladventure.blogspot.com.au/ highly recommend!! xx i would give it... 5/5 polishes on the polish scale ;)

    1. woah!? seriously! omg so gonna get it when it goes on sale.. i always see it but I wasn't too sure if it's good!

  4. Your nails look really nice!