5 Sep 2014

MOTW: My Beauty Diary Arbutin Whitening Mask

Hai guys!

It's been a while since i've pampered myself with a mask! and i'm still going through those my beauty diary masks i bought last time from Sasa. Feels like i bought a lifetime supply!! Anyway, today's mask is the My Beauty Diary Arbutin Whitening Mask. I felt like this mask worked well with removing those "fresh" acne scars and helped to even out my complexion.

So when I first put this mask on it was super super juicy!! the smell was very floral-ee and very girly smelling. Nothing wrong with that, it was just very fragrant. After I put the mask on, so maybe like 8-10 minutes in... my skin started to itch/feeling irritated? Maybe from the scent who knows! I didn't want to waste the mask cos like I wanted to test how well this mask worked. So, after the 8-10 minutes was over my face wasn't itchy anymore, it was just absorbing like crazy. Guys seriously, these My Beauty Diary masks have like a crazy amount of juice in them (...which is a good thing btw). Like i put the mask on for 40-50 minutes, AND THERE WAS STILL A TONNE OF JUICE LEFT! But instead of making it go to waste, I put the mask onto my neck!

After I took the mask off, I noticed how nice my skin looked and how bright it was. It really did whiten!

- Whitens skin
- Gave a glowing and bright complexion
- Made my skin feel soft like a baby's bottom!
- When i woke up the next day, my skin looked fabulous! LOL it looked even better, even after i took my mask off. My skins texture was so smooth the next day, that I didn't even need to put on base products!
- Cute packaging, i think most of My Beauty Diary packagings are so freaking cute.

- The scent was probably something that triggered the itching, or the fact that the whitening Arbutin property was probably working on my skin to remove the dullness.
- Would I buy this again? Probably not, It was fun to try out and the after effects were freaking amazing..but after that itching I would probably try something similar in the whitening range but not the same mask.

I hope you enjoyed this MOTW (Mask of the Week) and until next time,

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