20 Sep 2014

REVIEW: Savvy Ultra Matte Lip Colour (Rodeo Drive)

Hi Guys!

It's a review also an affordable review! As usual I was browsing Priceline (Basically my second home) and I stumbled across these. The Savvy Ultra Matte Lip Colour, I must admit it's so worth it for it's money! IT'S CRAZY! Everything I ever want in a lip product: matte, affordable and cheap.

A sleek frosted plastic design. Definitely not cheap looking but pretty standard for a lip product, especially for Savvy.

Shade: Rodeo Drive
This colour is ABSOLUTELY DIVINE! (must I say so my self). It's between hot/fuschia pink (kinda suck at describing colours)


An doe foot applicator brush. Easy to apply, not too big or small. Perfect for most lip shapes

GOD DAMN! ARE YOU LOOKING AT THIS?! ONE SWATCH! THIS PIGMENT?! OH MY GOD. GIVE ME MORE PLEASE. seriously though! look at that pigmentation.

Lip Swatch:
(**You can click on the images, to see it bigger and somewhat clearer)

Smudge Test:
Rub Test:
- For real. I don't know if these photos are "legit" enough. but seriously it DOES NOT COME OFF! Even my friend Selina also known as a-beautifuladventure said it didn't come off. She was freaking out!

Cleanser Removal Test:
- Dude. I felt like it did NOT help at all with cleanser

Water Removal Test:
- If it's not gonna remove with cleanser, how can it be removed with water?!

In the end, I had to scrub the heck out of my lips and use an oil cleanser twice! GAH

- Super Super pigmented
- Affordable! Only $7.99 
- Matte Finish
- Lasts foreverrrrr
- Stains your lips

- Thick formula can accentuate your dry patches/flakiness on your lips if they aren't hydrated! I recommend exfoliating them before hand and moisturise the heck out of them.
- It can be hard to get if you don't have a Priceline near you, or if you don't live in Australia!

I absolutely love love love this matte lip colour! The colour is super bright and pretty!! and for the price your paying, it is SO WORTH IT. I recommend that you guys check it out at your local Priceline, and trust me. I don't lie when it comes to a good product ;)

p.s. Can you do this lip thing!? #poutit


  1. Omg I absolutely adore bold lip colors! And it looks so good on you, girly~ Lovely post <3
    I'd love it if we could follow each other on GFC! Let me know if you follow me, so I can follow you right back~

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

    1. Aw thanks Payton! I love the colour too <3 I'd love to follow you, followed! :) hope you follow back :)