9 Nov 2014

REVIEW: Benefit Lollitint

Herro Guys!

WOOOOOOOOOOO LOLLITINT! YOU'RE FINALLY MINE! <3 <3 I've been dying to get this shade for so so long. If you saw my previous  Cosmetic Haul.... I decided finally caved in and get it! I was actually deciding whether to get this or the Cha Cha tint. But this colour "candy-orchid" is a colour I rarely see in products.. So I thought it was worth to get this, maybe next time I'll get Cha Cha!

Shall we cha cha into the review? ;)

The box that the tint came in... UBER CUTE! I got this tint from the actual Benefit website which is cheaper than purchasing at Myer... $30 at Benefit website, while Myer is $55.


- Three dots on your cheek and blend!
- Three dots on your lips and blend!

Cute bright shiny packaging!

The only thing that probably sucks about this! IS THE DAMN BRUSH!!! It's basically like a dodgy nail polish brush! I think if they were to remake this it would be good if they used a softer brush or something not as prickly!


I felt that dotting on the cheeks and then applying with a brush is the best application! But you got to make sure to work fast after you've dotted it, although this product is very forgiving if you leave it 1-3 seconds before blending! and remember if theres a dot you can always use your foundation brush and blend it out again! :)

With the lips application, it was not bad! a bit difficult to blend at first cos of the prickly brush! 

Before (Left) and After (Right)

  • Cute packaging
  • Great semi matte finish
  • Very pigmented
  • Has great staining power on the lips
  • A different colour compared to those on the market

  • After a couple of hours (3-4 hours?) it starts to accentuate the cracks on your lips. But! If you put on lip balm on top, it doesn't seem to smudge or remove the existing lip tint... so that's a plus ish?!
  • Can be expensive depending where you live
  • The brush. Need I say more?!

Overall, I really enjoy this lip tint! I love to use this on days to uni as it is easy to apply and it gives a nice pop of colour on your lips especially if your super lazy to put on anything. When applying onto the cheeks it gives the perfect amount of "flirty" and flushed cheeks. I love to wear this on my cheeks more than my lips but it really depends on my lip combo that day. Totally recommend this tint to anyone, but for the price I feel like you could get something equally as good such as lip tints from Korean brands such as Aritaum! I saw a dupe called the "Lollipop"... can the name be anymore obvious? LOL 

Anyways until next time,


  1. it looks so nice on your skin! are you wearing your true match? :O

    1. ahaha thanks jeremie! ^_^ yeah i am! LOL how did you know ;) and a bit of concealer too!

  2. agree with jeremie :D the colour suits your cheeks well especially!

    1. aww thank you emily! ^_^ you can test mine out if you want! :D

  3. Seems like a great product! The color is so unique :)
    Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog! I followed you on google+ and bloglovin, follow back soon!


  4. Love it. Poland<3