28 Mar 2016

MOTW: Osulloc Natural Green Essence Sheet Mask

Hai Hai Guys!! 

I have a mini review for you today, it's the Osulloc Natural Green Essence Sheet Mask! So as you guessed it today's Mask of the Week review If you've never heard of Osullocit's a famous tea brand that originated in Jeju, with the largest tea farm. They also have the most delicious and infamous green tea ice cream and their ever so perfect cake rolls! Somebody pls take me to korea and indulge in all the green tea goodness :'(  Anyways, enough talking about the yummy food and let's continue on with the review shall we. 


  • "Catechin, found in the green tea grown in Osulloc's Tea Garden on Jeju Island, instantly purifies the skin, while the green tea's polysaccharide hydrates the skin by drawing and retaining it's natural moisture"
  • "This soft, 100% sheet cotton mask is lightly infused with sweet fragrance of citrust flowers and the freshly roasted tea leaves of Jeju island, lifting your spirits"


  • This mask smells super refreshing! It's like you just ran through the green tea farm LOL
  • Very light scent


  • 25% Green tea extract
  • Adequate amount of serum, although most of it was in the pack rather than on the sheet 
  • Downside: The serum didn't adhere really well onto the mask sheet, so I then had to pour the serum out onto my hands and slap it on top of my face mask


  • The sheet was very durable wasn't flimsy
  • Fit my face just right (I have a big face, so small faces beware! this may be too big)


  • Not much noticeable difference after, but it did the job in terms of hydration and making my skin smooth and soft
  • Skin absorbed the serum quite fast
  • Doesn't feel sticky at all 
  • Skin felt supple and all my redness on my face calmed down

  • Difficult to purchase, unless you go to Korea LOL (although I did find someone on eBay selling this ^^)

Hope you all enjoyed my post and until next time,

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