11 Apr 2014

Review: Etude House Colour Pop Shine Tint

Hello Hello!
If you may of seen in previous posts, I did a haul on the Etude House Colour Pop Shine Tint! WOOOO and must I say after 2-3 uses, I absolutely love this tint. I heard that Etude House makes the best tints. Damn they were right, so so good!! Sigh Sigh I wished I got more tints.. OR that there was an Etude House in Australia.. or even better I wish Etude House sponsored me. What a dream #heaven


Look at this cute packaging! It's so bright, vibrant and so appealing!

Product description:
This is a 3-in-1 magic gloss tint that glides on in a perfect combination of smoothness and shine, with a lip stain formula that provides vivid color and long-lasting shine. 

Directions: Apply with wand, starting from the inside of lips and work your way out to the ends.

I got it in the shade #08 Berry Pop
The applicator is soooo cute! It makes it easy to apply onto your lips.
I have no idea what this kind of applicator is called but it reminds me of a lip shape
... maybe its just me 

When I used this I noticed how pigmented and creamy it was. Unbelievable! Like at first I thought it would be a milky tint consistency but it actually wasn't! It's similar to the texture of moisturiser. The formula is just amazing. When I tried it on my lips it was a sticky like feeling, but not too sticky although I could feel the sticky texture. Similar to jam maybe? LOL From the blended swatch you can see the line that it stained on my arm already. It is kind of forgiving when it comes to blending although don't wait too long too blend!

When I saw the packaging of this tint.. It kind of disappointed me since the cardboard packaging was so cute and the bottle packaging is just white! I dunno, but hey! it's not about the packaging it's about the quality of the product inside! :P

Guys. Please. LOOK AT THAT PIGMENTATION AND THAT NON DRYNESS! This lip tint is soooo MOISTURISING! I just applied this onto my lips directly, but I'm sure you can try out all those gradient lippie looks, which I reckon would look fabulous!


  • Lovely Colour!
  • Cutest packaging
  • Great pigment and finish
  • Super hydrating/moisturising
  • Doesn't accentuate dry areas on your lips as easily compared to other lip tints on the market


  • Since it is moisturising, it doesn't stay on as long as other lip tints do.. But with saying that the tint of the colour does stain your lips though
  • Can be a little hard to get in Australia. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time,

P.s. have you guys tried any lip tints? Are there any brands which you love? <3 


  1. The colour is really nice!


  2. Love this review!~ Glad I have found your blog, I'm also an aussie blogger like you :), so I found your posts really helpful! :D

    1. aww thank you mimi! :) i'm glad you found it helpful!