11 Jun 2014

Review: Topshop Lipstick in Sartorial

Hi Guys!

I'm SOOOOOOO SORRYYY!! I had exams and an intense uni week for the past 2 weeks, and now I am finally FREEEEE! So I was like why not give this neglected blog some love!

So, I "bought" this Topshop lipstick a while ago and thought I'd do a review on it! The reason I said "bought" is because actually a few months ago? I went to this Topshop Student lates event where if you purchased something, you then use your receipt to get a prize from the prize wheel! So... from that I won a lipstick! Super awesome right?!

cute cute packaging!! <3 <3

Continue reading to check out my review :) 

This lipstick is a "Velvet Finish Moisturising Lipstick" meaning that it has a smooth yet matte finish which I love! This lipstick is definitely more on the smooth and moisturising side then matte. I noticed when I applied it onto my lips it was super hydrating and didn't accentuate any of the fine lines and cracks on them. 

The shade I got was Sartorial

The colour described on the Topshop website is a "bright coral"
I can totally see that this colour is "bright" but when applied to my lips it is a lovely shade of pink-orange,
like the best amount! not too light or dark.

 I have never tried any makeup from Topshop. So I wasn't really expecting much. But from this lipstick, it has interested me a lot in wanting to try a lot of their other products! As you can see from the swatch the colour looks super rich and vibrant, and from the bottom swatch picture I tried to rub it out and it smudged (obviously) but it stained my arm! Crazy! It was super tough to get out of the shower too! :( Although used my trusty Garnier make up remover... which btw was reviewed here if you missed out on it!

  • Super creamy texture
  • Tints your lips
  • Doesn't accentuate them dry patches on your lips
  • Cute ass packaging! LOL


  • Not very "matte"
  • A bit expensive for the quality... If I hadn't "won" this I'm pretty sure I would have never bought this unless it is a particular shade I really really really never have seen before! 
I really hope you guys enjoyed this review and hopefully I will be posting more... since i'm as free as a bird! ahaha anyways, until next time


  1. oooh Ive never seen that shade before either! I think it suits your skin tone though :)

    1. yah! i don't think they sell it anymore! :( But that range should be pretty good! ooo it does in fact! my teeth look kinda white with it LOL