2 Dec 2014

MOTW: Skinfood Rice Mask

Hi Hi Guys! 

Today's Mask of the Week review is going to be Skinfood Rice Mask! I've heard a lot about Skin food masks especially there black sugar mask! omg, but I really couldn't decide which one I wanted :( and I got this instead! so let's get into this review shall we ^___^

This is a Rice Mask.. and a wash off one too! I love how it actually smells rice scented.. smells so good and refreshing. Definitely not too overpowering.

It comes in a little 100g tub, which at first I thought wasn't a lot.. but after like more than 15 uses, there is still so much product! and I'm definitely not using this sparingly. 

This mask as little rice particles similar to that steamed rice cake dessert I ate as a kid! So it's probably real rice? LOLL The rice particles are definitely not too harsh, and I would recommend these to sensitive skin. I'm don't have sensitive skin, but I prefer not using harsh products on my skin, as the skin is very gentle you know. From this Korean beauty segment I was watching, they said to treat your skin as if it were a baby's skin! 

I was breaking out at the time ish, so excuse the nasty pimple photo! But personally, I feel like this product is great for already "nice" skin... like if you have acne don't think that this scrub is gonna rub your acne away! But, if you feel like your skin is feeling a little dry or non hydrating this mask is perfect for you. It scrubs away all the dead skin, without removing it harshly. Perfect for sensitive skin people. This mask feels super moisturising especially when scrubbing onto your skin and washing it off. Your skin becomes unbelievably soft and omg it's so nice!! Definitely a good mask for you to try.

I hope you enjoyed this post until next time,

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