9 Apr 2017

Etude House #3

Hey Y'all!

Etude House #3 box has arrived, YAYYY! So for this months box we received quite a few products which I'm super excited about!! You ready for the review? Okay! Let's get started shall we!

Etude House Therapy Air Masks
Firstly! We received 3 sheet masks:
  • Hyaluronic Acid
    • Helps skin to retain moisture
    • Makes skin smooth and hydrated
  • Tea Tree
    • The cool and clear masks calms the skin without a sticky sensation
    • Keeps the skin fresh and moist
    • Perfect for those with acne-prone skin
  • Strawberry
    • Gives you fresh moisture
    • Bright and vital skin
    • Contains niacinamide, which is a skin brightening ingredient

These masks are "light and comfortable like air" courtesy of Etude House for that quote haha
I use sheet masks quite often and these masks took me by surprise when I received them! Honestly, Etude House masks are so cheap! and its perfect for any beginner coming onto the sheet mask world and it's also super affordable! I've used these before prior to receiving these, so I know these are definitely legit and would recommend to everyone!

They come in a range of other flavours/scents?? haha which is perfect for different skin types.

The difference with these new masks and their previous mask range is that they provide:
- 7-free essence thorough a 2mm sheet
- All products use natural essence oils (fragrance free)
- Perfect for those with sensitive skin
- The sheet has very strong elasticity, despite it being 2mm it won't tear or rip as you put it on your face
- Adheres and fits the face perfectly and comfortably!

Etude House Glass Tinting Lips

Seriously Etude House creates the BEST lip products. When they came out with this new innovative customisation where you can change the cases! How cool right?! It's like changing your outfit or handbag depending on your mood! 

I got 3 cases:

  • #15: Pink Flamingo, This case has Krystal's signature on the side! So if your a hardcore Krystal fan, you get your own signed lipstick case!
  • #20 Pit-A-Pat
  • #6 Pineapple

  • #BR402: Bohemian Rosy Brown
  • #RD302: Swag Red
  • #PK001: Romantic Pink Frill

These are the lipstick bullets, essentially you just put them into the cases and voila! Customised lippy case! Not sure if you can see, but the lipstick on the left #PK003, the writing on their is Krystal's signature

From top to bottom
  • #RD302
  • #PK003
  • #BR402

These lipsticks I was VERY impressed. It was super moisturising, however didn't feel too sticky! It felt like a hydrating lip balm but with colour! Afterwards I attempted to move the swatches from my arm, however it stained my arms! Not gonna lie, I forgot to wash that part off with my arm after the shower.. and it is still stained as we speak!

Overall, super super impressed with these lipsticks! My favourite is the rosy brown shade #BR402. 

Soon Jung

Etude House's new skin care line is "SOON JUNG", which means "pure love" in Korean.
SOON JUNG takes care of damaged skin caused by external stimuli such as chemical ingredients and increased fine dust.

I received a skin care trial kit, which is perfect to try out before actually trying out full sized products.

This line claims to:
  • Reduce skin irritation
  • Heal damaged skin

In the skincare trial kit there is:
  • SOON JUNG Relief Toner
    • First using this, it's a watery-toner texture
    • It soothed my skin and didn't strip my skins moisture, however helped prepare it for the next steps to moisturise 
    • How I applied: I applied it similar to my SKII toner by putting a few drops and patting it onto the skin 
  • SOON JUNG Moist Emulsion
    • Emulsion is used to deliver moisture and prep the skin 
    • This emulsion felt VERY light and no scent at all
    • I liked this a lot as it didn't feel sticky and it absorbed onto the skin very fast
  • SOON JUNG Barrier Intensive Cream
    • Intensive cream... sounds intensive right?!
    • This was actually my favourite cream! 
    • I currently use the Kiehl's ultra facial cream, and this reminded me a LOT of it. I'd consider this a dupe for the Kiehls tbh..
    • My skin didn't feel sticky, the moisturiser absorbed into my skin right away
    • Definitely gonna purchase this as a full sized
  • SOON JUNG Cica Balm
    • This balm has special ingredients such as pantenocide which helps to improve damaged skin
    • This ingredient essentially has panthenol and madecssoside which helps to improve damaged skin
    • The product is a gel type and felt very balmy. Imagine if a gel moisturiser and a chapstick had a baby. This texture would be it!
    • With balm products, I thought it would be super greasy and sticky. However this surprised me as it absorbed just as fast as the intensive cream and provided moisture and hydration
    • This product also helps to: uneven skin tone and soothe sensitive and dry skin

Anyways, that's the end of my review! This box definitely over exceeded my expectations, and I can't wait to show you guy's next months box!
I hope you all enjoyed it, and until next time, 

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