5 Mar 2017

Etude House Wonder Fun Park Collection - Pink Bird Box #2

Hey Hey Hey!

Back at it again with another post, and back at it again with new products! This is the new line from Etude House called the Wonder Fun Park, or if we continue with Etude's slogan "A wonderful color prarades with Wonder Fun Park". This is probably the CUTEST FREAKING LINE EVER! and be prepared i'll be saying cute a lot sorry hehe ><

so let's get into the review shall we!

First things first!

First things first! What's in the box?!

  • Dear Darling Soda Tints
  • Candy Highlighter
  • Highlighter Brush

Dear Darling Soda Tints

  • Bright and clear colour expression
  • Smudge-free, close adherence to lips
  • Dewy moisturising texture
  • Comes in a range of 10 shades

  • Shade BL601 (right) - Glittery magical blue purpley fun unicorn goodness! nah just kidding! the colour is a cool toned pink shade
  • Shade PK001 (left) - A cool toned pink shade

  • Heart Shaped Tip
Seriously this is perfect! As it really helps to get in the little corners of your lips and makes it easy to apply and disperse product

  • Swatches

PK001 (Top Shade)
  • Cool toned pink
  • Very moisturising not sticky at all 

BL601 (Bottom Shade)
  • Cool toned pink
  • This is my favourite shade!! 
  • I'm gonna pass on a little secret, but I've always wanted to try the Dior Lipglows and this is the dupe for it!! It's the prettiest purple/blue shade which isn't even purple/blue! It comes out clear as you can see in the swatch, but after a while it turns into the prettiest pink shade! 

I wanted to test the longevity of the product, So i just rubbed it away with a tissue! and as you can see there isn't much of a staining/tint effect. However, the colour PK001 did stain my arm! So if your about that staining life go for top shade!


  • Doesn't feel sticky
  • Moisturising
  • Many shades to choose from


  • Doesn't tint your lips, however it can be treated as a moisturising liquid lipstick or a gloss

Candy Highlighter
MY FAVOURITE THINGS!! Not sure if I updated you guys but i'm legit OBSESSED with highlighters. I'm legit a walking disco ball #glowhardorglowhome haha

PACKAGING CUTE OR WHAT! *freaking outttt*

  • Provides a defining highlighter effect with the natural blending of 5 pastel-tone fine glitter
  • Expresses a bright tone with softly shimmering fine glitter

The reveal! HOW FREAKING CUTE AHHHH MA GOODNESS! I'm sure you all heard of that crazy rainbow highlighter that blew up on instagram and was sold out in seconds! 

There are 5 shades in the highlighter palette but however they all turned out to be the same! tbh I was kinda disappointed that not all the shades were showing up! and I was also disappointed that it wasn't like crazy-disco-ball-glitter-up-in-your-face type of highlighter! However, I feel like koreans don't really have that crazy highlighter and enjoy that natural I woke up like this makeup! 



  • Gives you the glow within look
  • Fine glitters for that natural look


  • Not pigmented, however that depends on what look you are going for! 
  • Can't be applied with any brush, must be used with a denser brush. I even recommend using a fixplus or some sort of spray to get it a bit more pigmented



  • Cute as rainbow brush


  • Doesn't work as a highlighter brush
  • But I found it works perfect as a powder brush! 

Etude House vs Thesleee: Final Verdict!

 I'm currently wearing the highlighter and you can definitely see that glow within! I'd definitely use this as a powder to set my makeup rather than a highlighter to highlight the high points of my face (cheeks, top of the nose, forehead)

 On the left I'm wearing BL601 and on the right PK001. As you can tell they both give quite similar effects for me! But I definitely prefer the BL601 shade as the colour is so pretty! and it makes your lips look super moisturising and so lush! haha

Overall, I'm super grateful that I get to review and try these products. However my expectations were definitely lowered after trying them out! They are not terrible products, but there are better products that Etude House has released which hasn't let me down! Nonetheless, I'd still buy these products as I enjoy collecting makeup and this collection is just too cute to pass up!

Anyways, thanks so much for reading and until next time, 

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