15 Dec 2013

Lumpy Space Princess inspired nails

Hi Guys!

I've been contemplating whether to make this either a nails of the day or a tutorial! But using this as a tutorial is kinda pointless cos its so easy right! WELL with some practise.. i struggled so much with my left hand :'( I hope you get inspired to create them by looking at this. It's just a few ranges of polka dots and stars and i also used a sharpie for the black! instead of nail polish, cos its easier to control the flow of the sharpie compared to nail polish.

To see what colours i used keep reading :)

Colours used:
- MNY Color Show: Iced Queen (Lilac), Fierce N Tangy (Yellow)
- Revlon Matte Nail Polish
- Rimmel 60 Second: Blue Me Away
- Sally Hansen Hard As Nails: White Out

Anyways until next time,

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