7 Dec 2013

Review: Sally Hansen Sugar Coat

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I recently went out on a Priceline trip a while ago and for those that didn't know they had like 40% OFF ALL COSMETICS! i know right!!!! (contains excitement) So as I was looking around and i found that Sally Hansen released a new nail polish range called the "Sugar Coat". It is apparently suppose to be reminded like those gummies with the tiny sugars on it. Anyways todays review is going to be the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Bubble Plum. 

So let's get into this review, shall we? 
The packaging of the nail polish is quite a "classic" nail polish shape. It is not round which is also pretty easy too store and doesn't take too much space.
Only if my camera quality was a little clearer.. Anyways, it says to shake gently and apply two thin coats in the directions!
I applied two coats to my nails and it was pretty opaque! Although the directions did say two thin coats i applied it a little bit heavier than the thin coats, as some of the sugar particles weren't coming through the brush. Although if you apply to heavily the sugar particles don't seem to come through, so it takes a little practise to control the amount of nail polish. But after one nail it's pretty easy to manage.

A close up shot of the nail polish! The textures reminds me of sand paper and a bit of those jelly gummies, its like a mix! The texture also kind of feels like  concrete/brick wall kinda feeling its quite strange but interesting.

The size of the brush and bottle is the same size, which is good! Because when you hit to the end you will still be able to easily get the nail polish out without trying to "scoop" it. Unless it becomes really thick and gloopy :'(

The brush up close and personal ;)
It's your standard good ol' nail polish bristles but it fans out more easily similar to that maxi brush by Rimmel. I found that it took around 2 and a 1/2 paint brush strokes to cover a whole nail.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Review:
This range comes in 7 gorgeous shades of: 

*photo from priceline.com 
  • Described: "This unique formula infused with sugary texture provides a 3D volumised, colour intense new look on nails. Formula applies like a crème and quickly transforms to a sugar coated 'WOW' semi-matte finish."
  • Price: $9.95
  • Application: It says to apply two coats. Although i recommend to work a bit fast as after the first coat the sugars form and when you go to apply a second stroke of nail polish it may ruin the sugars that have already settled in and may remove some of the sugars.
  • Formula: A liquid-ey like formula which has fast drying time, it makes it easy to apply as well as the runny formula can easily spread across your nail.
  • Drying time: After the 2 and a 1/2 strokes of nail polish, you can slowly see the sugars forming up, similar to crackle nail polish and after that it takes around1-2 minutes, and it's like fully dried! which is amazing for a nail polish with such great design but so little effort.
Overall, i do recommend this nail polish as it is soooo easy to use and such a quick and unique design. Although it may be a one time fad, why not go and try it out yourselves! Your friends will go and compliment you wondering how you did them! But it's between me and you that knows this secret ;) 

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