12 Jan 2014

Sparkly - Nails of the Day

Hi Guys!

How are you? :) I hope you are all doing well. This week's nail of the day is a sparkly-glitter-nude-ee concoction. I seriously couldn't be bothered with putting a design... i know! :( boooooo! But nonetheless i found this quite cute and still uses minimal effort, because the glitters are sooooo cool.

As you can see I used the Sally Hansen Triple Shine, If you haven't seen my review on the them, check it out here . I also used an Essie nail polish.. I find Essie nail polishes quite hit or miss as this one was definitely a miss! but the colour was soooo gorgeous. It was very streaky and took around 3-4 coats to apply. Whilst the Sally Hansen. O-M-G. love that nail polish. seriously. THE CHUNKS AND EVERYTHING!! As you can tell from the bottle i've used like a third/half >_> wooops.

To see the colours used, continue reading ^_^

- Sally Hansen Triple Shine: Pearly White
- Essie: Neo Whimsical

Anyways until next time,