5 Jan 2014

Nature Republic - Collagen Dream Face Mask

Hey Hey Hey Guuuuuys!

It's another blog post. say what! From the title this is gonna be a mini review/impression of me using the Nature Republic Collagen Dream face mask.

 I've heard of the Nature Republic brand before, and I own about 2 things from this brand a BB cream and this mask which has been used! I wasn't expecting much from this mask as there just masks right? Although I was definitely eager for moisture in my skin, as recently it has been on the dryer side :( But my gosh this mask did the trick for hydration/moisture, my skin has been dry around my nose and the sides of my temples.. weird right?

For those wondering where to buy this! I actually got this as a gift from my cousin who pampered me with a crapful  tonne of Korean beauty products! ahhhh <3 But i'm pretty sure you can buy these online for sure.

Lets get into the review, shall we? :D

LOL don't mind my creepy face.....
When I opened this mask it wasn't as "juicy" as I thought it would be compared to the My Beauty Diary masks, but they weren't drying either. The scent was fruity/berry kind of flavour which smelt soooo good, it was a refreshing scent but not too overpowering. 

Directions to use from the packaging:
1. After washing the face, apply our toner to prepare the skin for the next step of skin care.
2.Open the pouch, pull out the mask, and place on the face.
3. Remove after 10-15minutes and gently pat to enhance the absorption of the remaining essence into skin.

I like to leave my masks on until the mask is FULLY DRIED (as pictured), that's just my personal preference but sure you could remove it after 10-15 minutes. 

It took around an hour to dry! Might be time consuming, but I like to take a nap with these on LOL and relax. Afterwards my skin felt nice! It was moisturised, dewy-looking and it was "bouncy" well very soft like a baby's bottom! (frankly, I don't know why everyone says that.. I don't even know how soft a baby's bottom is LOL)

I'm not sure if you could tell, how nice my skin looks. Cos there was no before picture! 
But it felt sooo good! like my skin was restored back to its before puberty self LOL besides from the spots -_-
 but in texture it was great! If you could see from the shiny spots where the light was hitting, those parts were soo soft and hydrated! It wasn't at ALL oily, which is a plus. Even a few hours later it managed to stay "dewy"

I hope you guys like my first beauty skincare review! and until next time,

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