25 Jan 2014

Biore Blemish Clearing Scrub | Review

Hi guys!

Recently, I received a bottle of Biore Blemish Clearing Scrub from a competition! Awesome Right?! I haven't really tried much of Biore's products besides from their infamous pore strips... which works amazing for those irritating blackheads and whiteheads. It's an scrub, which helps to exfoliate all those dead skin particles! *yayyy* So let's continue on the review shall we?

The packaging is a standard squeeze tube, which is great for getting the last drops. It contains 130ml, which is fairly a regular amount. 

This product says on the front that it "Improves your complexion without damaging skin". I was pretty keen to try this since when I first opened it, the fragrance was so fresh, so revitalising! It was a mixture between mandarin and mint! At first I was a bit put off, since I don't usually like two of those scents.. But combined it. is. amazing!!! I would imagine this scrub to be excellent for mornings you'd want to wake up your skin. It contains salicylic acid and is oil free! Which is a plus especially for you oily skin people out there.

Description from packaging: 
" Wet Face. Squeeze product into hands. Massage over entire face. Rinse thoroughly"
It also mentions that it will improve skin over time, which i'm excited to see in the future if it really does

This product wasn't as thick as i expected it to be!
When I squeezed it out onto my hand it just kept going, it was kinda runny..
So that's why the shape is a little "weird" 
The beads scattered as a I massaged it onto my hand.
The tiny beads got massaged into my hands, but the bigger beads are still there!

i know this looks gross.. a little like boogers -_-!
but since my camera quality isn't as great, placing it behind a tissue
you can clearly see the different size beads, and the different density of beads too!
From just the swatches after wiping it off with a tissue, i could feel my skin exfoliated! like even without water!! It was smooth and smelt super fresh!

  • Smells Amaaaaazing!
  • Multiple beads for different levels of exfoliation for different parts of your skin, which may be thicker or thinner
  • My skin felt amazingly smooth even just from wiping it off with a tissue and little massaging!
  • Didn't leave a squeaky clean feeling, but instead it felt like my skin
  • No residue/sheen left behind
  • ...none?
  • Fragrance might not be suited to those with sensitive skin
  • Whilst I was washing my face, I noticed that the mint scent was starting to burn my eyes. I put it no where near close to my eyes but it still stung.. I think my eyes are a bit sensitive, so if you have sensitive eyes.. be careful about this!

Overall, I really like this product! I found this product was so freaking amazing!! like seriously. I recommend that you all go try it and I might even switch it from my most beloved Olay Exfoliator. The Biore Blemish Clearing Scrub retails for $10.99 at Priceline, but you may find it cheaper at somewhere else. 

Anyways i hope you liked this review, and if you know any other good exfoliating scrubs let me know! Until next time,

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