19 Jan 2014

Bow and Hearts

Hi Guyss!

Today it's going to be a tutorial on these bow and heart nails! If you can see some hearts were outlined with black and some wasn't! I found it quite difficult to create such small intricate white hearts and then outlined! it was sooooo difficult. So I left one of them out and it looked alright, without it being outlined. Excuse the mess of the nails by the way.. it was like midnight when I did these!

I also did a little tutorial for you guys, if you wanted to see!
Products Used:

- Rubi: Kim nail polish (Black)
- Butter London: Slapper
- Butter London: Trout Pout
- Essence Tip painter
- Sharpie

If you could see, I have a sharpie and a black nail polish! As at first I thought it would be "easier" to do it with a sharpie, but even though the tip did say "fine point" it was still pretty hard to get the detail around the edges of the heart. So instead I used a sharpened pencil, and it worked just as fine!

1. Apply two coats of a salmon pink nail polish on your ring and middle finger
2. As pictured, on your middle finger paint one "chunky" line of nail polish on your finger and another one parallel from it (Picture it as a diagonal hammer?). On your ring finger, start off by painting with a dot/square in the centre. Once you have achieved this, from the sides paint a triangle.. So that it forms a bow, do this on both sides.
3. Outline the bow with a sharpie on your ring finger! If you can see, it's starting to look like a bow once you outlined it
4. On the rest of your fingers using the green/aqua colour, try to paint a scallop design like shape.
5. Outline the scallop shape.
6. Paint white hearts, inside the scallop shapes. I found by painting two lines on a diagonal from left to right was easiest to achieve
7. Optional: You may outline all the hearts.
8. DONE! :)

I hope this tutorial was hopefully easy to understand and until next time,

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